Improve your Heroes of the Storm skill, climb the official ladder, play with the best

Improve your Heroes of the Storm skill, climb the official ladder, play with the best

Heroes of The Storm

Improve your Heroes of the Storm skill, climb the official ladder, play with the best

December 28 , 2015


Heroes of the Storm boost

When it comes to quality MyBoosting is the best HotS boosting service that you can find anywhere. We have shown during our not that long existance as a professional boost website that we are a trustworthy partner to anyone that wants to use what we offer. We value greatly each client and we treat well our boosters. Our formula for success is a mixture of hard work, endurance and most importantly our willingness to satisfy each individual that eighter works for us or with us.

If you are in need of anytype of assistance in the game we should be your number 1 choice. Our Hero league rank boosting is with unprecedented speed. Rank 1 boosting is no problem in both European servers and in North American ones. You can also get yourself to the topspots playing with one of our pro boosters using our HotS DuoQ boosting options.

Anything from Hots coaching to rank 1 (Grandmaster when live) boost is not a problem and will be executed effectively and in a timely manner.


HotS boost

Our hots boosting team currently consists of a main squad of 11 top rated pro players, each of which tested on a number of occasions and a back-up squad of additional 8 boosters (4 of EU and 4 of NA), that get into action for bigger jobs like Team league rank 1 boosts etc. We are slowly but surely proving as the leading service and our clients number grows daily. Currently we are looking to expand our Heroes of the Storm boosting and coaching squad with 3 to 5 active pro players. The applications for job are coming in daily and we want to choose the ones that show most promise, consistancy and maturity. So if you feel you have the required skillset feel free to apply working with us. Once you get selected we will need to make a few tests to determine if you are fit for the job.

Most of our first time buyers want to talk with us in advance, which is great. When i am searching for a service to use I usually do my initial research and pick the seller that I feel will fulfil my demands best. A simple 4-5 minute chat, or a couple of emails can usually tell how solid a seller is. That can aslo be determined by a number of other things, like how good the website looks and works and much more. We dont mind being asked a number of questions concerning your future Heroes of the Storm order, as a matter of fact we encourage you to keep on asking them. Knowing in advance how we will operate is essential for building a trust bond between the buyer and the seller (at least that is how we think it should be). If there is any deviation from the initially confirmed plan - feel free to contact us immediately and we will sort out the stituation, in cases where it is needed we will compensate the client appropriately.

Feel free to join the group of happy clients that already used our HotS boost services and you will never need to look anywhere else in the future. Dont forget our Christmas 25% discount, it's valid till 30th December.

Keep in mind that our website is expanding. We are soon launchin our member's area and we are also adding our Overwatch boosting service once the game finishes the beta testing (or even before that, as long as there is an official ranking ladder)

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