Incoming game addition to our boosting service - Which game? Find out here!

Incoming game addition to our boosting service - Which game? Find out here!


Incoming game addition to our boosting service - Which game? Find out here!

October 15 , 2015

The new hit on the first person shooting gaming market - OVERWATCH

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We as a boosting organization that is starting our service from Heroes of the Storm have decided to grow our reach and potential.

We are happy to announce our new future boosting addition - OVERWATCH. will be adding a new Overwatch boosting section. With it all our customers can order types of boosts for this specific game. We are still not finalized on the types of services that we will provide for it, but we have a pretty good idea about most of them. As you know our Heroes of the Storm boosting service is growing to be quite popular and we expect no less from the amazing newcoming addition. We will be selecting the best among the best in OW. The tests are begining and we expect high quality players to contact us. We will consider each application and reply timely.

When will OVERWATCH boosting be available

Overwatch boosting

We expect that we will open at the end of November or the beginning of December. The beta launch is announced to be on 27th Nov. so we want to be well prepared for it. All the concept and design for the new big section should be ready for that date. We would appreciate all of you giving us info and suggestions on what you'd like to see from us with the new addition to our boosting service.

Heroes of the storm boosting is getting bigger and more popular and we are pretty happy with the results that we have accomplished so far. We shall continue our progress and development in that game and we will try to make our Hots boosting service even better!

What is Overwatch and how do you know that boosting there will be a thing

OW is a new first person shooter developed by Blizzard. It is still in Alpha, but will hit the open market quite soon we presume. It is dynamic, intense and very versitile. All of the current 1st person shooter fans share that although there are a few games that are good for this ganre, there is nothing new, exciting and innovative in it. Well dont worry about this anymore guys - OW is coming and with it our boosting service.

The game requires all the usual first person qualities - good aim, fast reflexes and reactions, good coordination with your team and knowledge of the game. This is not all though and you will see exactly what we are talking about when the game hits the open market! All we want to say at this point of time is that it is going to be more than AWESOME game.

For all the hots boosting fans - we will not leave you on the second line

hots boosting

We are setting up a division in our departments and enlarging our staff. We will have people in charge for both games and you will not feel any lack of quality neighter for our Hots boosts, nor for our upcoming OW boosting service!


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Regards, - Heroes of the Storm boosting service!