Introducing - Destiny 2 boosting at

Introducing - Destiny 2 boosting at

Destiny 2

Introducing - Destiny 2 boosting at

July 19 , 2017


We are happy to announce our new service addition - Destiny 2 boosting.

Destiny is one of the games that is currently creating the biggest hype prior to it's launch. It is the new action packed shooter developed by Activision and Bungie. The game can be played on all platforms - PS4, Xbox and PC, as the computer version will be supported by Blizzard.

Destiny 2 will take you on a journey through the galaxy where you and your friends will have the chance to play in PvE raids and campaigns or to battle in the PvP mode against other opponents. You can play a few different classes that have unique abilities and are fit to execute specific tasks ( Hunter, Warlock, Titan ) . You can then continue to adjust your hero by selecting sub classes. Keep in mind that in Destiny all roles are meant to deal a lot of damage and are not exactly what you have seen in RPG games. Some players prefer to play tanks, others love to do damage and assassinate opponents or to have a more supportive role, you will all have the chance to customize your champions to some extend. Each class and subclass will have enough damage to hold their ground. After all the main thing in the game is to kill things :).

Success in your missions will give you better gear that will help you level up, improve your class stats and have larger impact on the game. After every adventure you complete you will receive a new sweet loot. You will be filling in your inventory and customizing your character. Weapons vary from pistols, powerful rocket launchers, snipers, machine guns, shot guns and a thousand other options. You can equip your body with armors, helmets, boots etc.



The full list of services that we will offer for Destiny 2 is not yet completed since we do not know the full spectrum of the game. However there are things that are certain at this point.

Destiny 2 PvE Strike boosts - 3 players will be sent to a specific planet where they need to go through a series of events that include killing multiple small and big mobs, dodging traps, jumping like crazy and occasionally solving a puzzle type quest. The difficulty will vary depending on the Strike that you need to complete as they will be changing quite often. Its a great co-op mode that will reward you with some sweet items!

Destiny 2 PvP - its a mode that offers a 4 v 4 battle between two teams till one prevails. You can use additional means to end up with victory such as plant a bomb that detonates (Same as CS) or in Control mode you need to capture and hold spaces for a period of time.

Destiny 2 Raid boosting - one of the most exciting modes for sure will be the raid missions. You will stack with 5 other players (6 total) and go on a massive journey that usually takes at least 3 hours to complete. You'll be going against some of the meanest artificial intelligence monsters you've seen. The end battle always proves to be challenging and full of dynamic. Raids usually end up with the biggest rewards that can be earned in the game. However their difficulty might not be for any player as team work, aim and coordination are vital for your success.

Destiny 2 Coaching - this is a service that will target your skills. If you want to become better at the game we can help you out with a few hours of coaching by one of the top players. We will give you inside on what you need to do better, some neat tips and tricks and analyze your gameplay so that you feel more confident in your abilities the next time you enter the battle.

The full content of the game is still unknown. We will update you as soon as official information pops.


As always we intend to perform at a top level. All your requests will be executed flawlessly by our team of players.

The official launch date for Destiny 2 is 6th September for consoles and 24th October for PC. If you want to get a taste of the game on 18th, 19th and 20th of July beta testing starts on consoles. If you want early access you can pre-purchase the game!

We are all looking forward to the date when we'll all meat in the Destiny universe and battle for glory (and fun xD).

Regards, - the quality HS, HotS, Ow and Destiny 2 boosting service!

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