Introducing - Fortnite boosting, leveling and coaching at Myboosting

Introducing - Fortnite boosting, leveling and coaching at Myboosting


Introducing - Fortnite boosting, leveling and coaching at Myboosting

February 01 , 2018

FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE AND PVE CAMPAIGN is happy to announce its new addition of supported game. Fortnite boosting will consist of only 4 sub sections initially. Expecting to increase the number when the official leaderboard system is in place.

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale wins (PvP) - this is by far the game mode that attracts the gamers. You can choose to play it in Solo, Duo or Squad (up to 4 players in team). It’s incredibly fun to play. It’s a PvP battle between 100 players that drop at different locations on the map. At the start you will have nothing by a tool to harvest materials such as wood / iron etc. You need to find gear, weapons and ammo and start eliminating other opponents. The ultimate goal is to be the last man standing (or team). The map shrinks with time and eventually all players are forced to move to the same small location. Usually by the time of the last map shrink there are only 5-10 players remaining. If you end up victorious placing you at #1 position you are rewarded with a global win on the leaderboards. There are also ladders for each person that consist of a small portion of people where it is much easier to grind up compared to the global leaderboard.
  2. Leveling - as most games Fortnite has a progression system that rewards you for playing. You can get cosmetic rewards and grind up on levels. The current cap is set at Level 100. This mark requires around 15 days of hardcore playing.
  3. PvE campaign - at the early stage that the game is currently there is not a lot you can do in the campaign mode. It’s a king of the hill type of mission where you co-op with other players. The ultimate goal is to survive a massive amount of zombie waves that will try to eliminate you and your fellow companions.
  4. Quests & Achievements - we know that the game has Battle pass section where you can win rewards. You want to get Level 70 and win all rewards with that. There are also other achievements such as Headhunter (50 kills). More will definitely come with time and Myboosting will offer their completion. Each player also has a daily quest mission which is usually quite easy to achieve and gives you extra experience.
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The game requires multiple skills in order to compete at a high level. Dominating a game is sometimes random since your location and item drop are always different. However there are ways to maximize your chances to end up with the #1 Victory sign. Our Professional Fortnite coaches can help you understand the game and craft a better player out of you. A single session will teach you what your strengths and weaknesses are. We can teach you how to plan your routes better, when to be aggressive and passive, how to build and take advantage of the structures you create. Shooting (aim) is another factor in the game that determines who will prevail in a straight up fight. This aspect of the game is not easy to teach since it comes naturally in general, but we can most certainly give you some tips and tricks to increase your accuracy and manage your weapons and ammo properly.


Fortnite is quite a young game, it resembles some other games from its genre but has unique specifics that obviously attract a massive player base. The game hit 2 million online players a few days back which is an amazing achievement at that early stage. The developers have officially announced the future creation of a stable and flexible ranking system. It’s great to see their dedication, as there is are multiple discussions with players and fans about what they would like to see as ranking system. Some suggestions are virtually copies from other games, such as Tiers and Division separation between players, others are quite unique. At the end only the best fit for the game mechanics and unique aspects will be pronounced as official ranking system.

Fingers crossed for this lovely game and its future development!


Regards, - The quality Fortnite boosting service!

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