Jaina Proudmoor - HotS Boosting Hero Guide

Jaina Proudmoor - HotS Boosting Hero Guide

Heroes of The Storm

Jaina Proudmoor - HotS Boosting Hero Guide

December 11 , 2015


Heroes of the storm boost service hero guide - jaina

Jaina is the first choices of our pros when it comes to HotS boosting. She is a burst assassin with the potential to nuke down even the toughest of characters in the game. Our Heroes of the storm boosters have some tips installed for you in this guide. To be successful with Jaina, you need to be aware of your position at all points in a fight. You have to know when you can go in to land your spells and when you are getting focused. You need to utilize your spell combo at its full potential. I would suggest using Summon Water Elemental to start off and then landing all your other spells back to back. Try to hit as many targets as possible with Cone of Cold and Blizzard, but don't die for it. In 1v1 situations, you can burst anyone down with your combo.


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Jaina excels at skirmish fights, because of her high burst kit. It makes a big difference when you fight enemies on choke points, than on the lanes. There for, Jaina is really powerful on some maps, like Battle of Eternity, and only slightly above average on Tomb of the Spider Queen. As far, as matchups go, she is really strong against mele assassins, like Thrall and Butcher, because they are relatively squishy, and need to enter your death rage, and just ok against long range carries like Raynor, Valla and KT. Overall Jaina doesn't have many bad matchups, with the exception of Nazeebo, Zagara and Azmodan, because they can block some of her damage with their summons.


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Level 1: Winter's Reach somewhat makes up for one of Jaina's disadvantages - her low range. As a HotS booster, I always enjoy playing from the back lane, with good positioning, and snipe people. Winter's Reach gives exactly that - much needed safety to deal damage.

Level 4: With the Butcher Patch, Envenom received a minor nerf, which makes this talent a better choice in many situations. Snowstorm makes it easier for you to land your Blizzard and if you can hit 3 or more targets in a team fight, it is definitely more useful than Envenom.

Level 7: Frostbitten is the solid choice. Going up from 50% to 65% damage increase might not seem like much, but it provides that extra damage you need to burst someone from full health to zero. You can't go wrong with a pure damage increase talent.

Level 10: With the recent Water Elemental nerfs, it is hard to say which one of Jaina's heroic abilities is better. It comes to personal choice. Our Heroes of the Storm boost team, generally prefer Summon Water Elemental. It is safe and consistent dps, while Ring of Frost requires a specific kind of team fight. That said, Ring of Frost is a very viable pick.

Level 13: Jaina, is not an artillery, nor is she a range carry. She is all in, at your face caster, that is also one of the squishiest heroes in the game. That's why Improved Ice block is a MUST pick. There is no if, you will get focused over and over again, and that talent is the key to winning a team fight.

Level 16: Northern Exposure is the hots' booster choise - every time you land a Cone of Cold on someone they take 25% increased damage. That is 25% damage increase for your whole team, which means that if you manage to focus the vulnerable targets they will get destroyed instantly. This talent is insane.

Level 20: Bold of the Storm is a general pick amongst all assassins with little to no mobility, and Jaina is not an exception. Combined with Improved Ice Block, she can survive a lot of punishment.

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