King's Row - Overwatch Boost Map Guide!

King's Row - Overwatch Boost Map Guide!


King's Row - Overwatch Boost Map Guide!

December 15 , 2015


Overwatch boosting service map guide

King's Row is a PAYLOAD objective map. What is that? The objective is to capture a point and escort a vehicle to a destined area. As long as there are defenders near it, the payload will not move, and if there are no attackers nearby, it will even go backwards slowly over time.

We at Overwatch boosting have prepared a few tips on how to play this unique map. Though a FPS, the game has plenty of moba elements combined into its gameplay. There for a good setup is always required. Here are some of the heroes, that work well with the map's design:


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Reinhardt is incredible at helping you push towards the initial vehicle spawn and while moving the payload. His shield covers up most of the width of the tight streets. Watch out from behind though!

Mercy has plenty of spots to sit in that are out of the enemies line of sight which allows her to heal and boost damage while remaining uncontrolled. Paired with Reinhardt shielding the team, people can put out some crazy damage with the help of Mercy. Plus, that Resurrect is just too good.

If there one map that an Ovw booster would pick Reaper it is this one! He can roam the side hallways of the map with his shotguns, taking out any defenders trying to get behind your team with a load of bullets to the face as corners are turned. His ultimate can shut down these hallways completely, or he can opt to use it out in the open on the streets with the protection of his team to keep the payload safe.

Cheers, love! Tracer can sneak behind the defenders quite easily on this map and even pull off the remarkable feat of capturing the initial payload spawn point should the enemy team decide not to be around it. Watch out for D.Va tough, her twin shotgun cannons can wreck you in a split second. Due my time as an Overwatch booster, i have seen games where multiple Tracers opt to charge right into the payload spawn and end up taking it due to how forward the defenders are. You can really catch people off guard with this one who are less trained at the map.

Pharah is really good at keeping the enemies off the payload and initially, off the payload spawn. There are plenty of places she can sit up high on while slamming people with her rockets, and there is plenty of open space above the map where she is free to use her Barrage on.


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The streets are narrow and you should choose heroes which take advantage of this. AoE damage can really shut down the attackers on the payload. Here are some really strong picks, that our Ovw boosting team use:

Bastion is sometimes called the anti-fun of Overwatch. He can set himself up slightly ahead of where the enemy is approaching from and then once they come into view, mow them all down. You'll definitely want some protection from your team, so don't forget to communicate the oncoming slaughter.

Symmetra's Sentry Turrets are excellent on this map. The map has so many tight spaces on it you can catch people all over with these annoying little devices. She can also provide her teammates with shields, and Teleport them back into the action.

Not only is Junkrat great at hitting people around the various corners of the map due to the bouncing properties of his Frag Grenades, but his Mine and Steel Trap are also great at keeping enemies out of the side lines. Rip Tire can be cast very close to enemies while remaining out of their sights thanks to the twists and turns of the streets and shops.

Although Mei is a newer hero, she has proven herself worthy in the hands of our Ovw boosters, especially on King's Row. Her Ice Wall can block off the entire street, which is not something you want to see as an Attacker if your team was wiped at the payload. Her Blizzard ultimate ability is very effective and slowing and killing enemies on the tight streets.


Game Start: 5 Minutes

Capture Point: Adds 3 Minutes

Checkpoint: Adds 2 Minutes

Max Possible Game Time: 10 Minutes

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