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Kobolds and Catacombs is out - What cards are worth it

Kobolds and Catacombs is out - What cards are worth it


Kobolds and Catacombs is out - What cards are worth it

December 08 , 2017

KOBOLDS AND CATACOMBS IS OUT - how to invest your dust

It’s time to spend our hard-earned dust and gold. In this article I will try to give you some guidance about which cards are worth investing in. Our Hearthstone boosting quad will touch only on legendary and epic cards since they require most dust to craft. We will mention only the cards that we are absolutely sure about.

Call to Arms


This card is the nuts on its own. The only possible hindrance for using it in every paladin deck imaginable is the lack of enough good 1 and 2 drops to fetch. However with options like Doomsayer, Loot Hoarder and Dirty Rat, I think there will be at least one deck where Call to Arms will be solid. Obviously in Wild this card is anything but fair.

Psychic Scream


This is the best mass removal that has been printed since the launch of the game. It ignores Deathrattle and Divine Shield. Furthermore it’s one mana cheaper than Twisting Nether while at the same times looks much better as an effect. The fact that this spell shuffles all the minions into your opponent’s deck can be used advantageously if you put there stuff like Totems or Living Mana treants. In my opinion this is the best card in the whole set so you should be very happy if you open it and if you don’t you will probably have to craft it to play one of the most competitive decks in the upcoming meta.

Twilight Acolyte


When you play a dragon deck this is basically a better version of Aldor Peacekeaper. It blunts an opposing threat while at the same time creates a high attack minion of your own that has 4 health (which is one point over the standard for this mana cost). This card is good on and off curve. The only downside of Twilight Acolyte is the requirement to hold a dragon in your hand.

Sonya Shadowdancer


Most legendary cards in the set cannot be evaluated unanimously. This is not the case for Sonya. The card is versatile enough to find its place in most future Rogue archetypes. It can create insane value when used with Bonemare or Vilespine Slayer, it can repeatedly ping enemy minions with Patches or Southsea Deckhand. Finally this legendary might enable the return of Quest Rogue. Getting Sonya as soon as possible is by any means the right thing to do.

Grumble, Worldshaker


This guy joins the club of Sonya. I think it’s even better than her because the value in this case is attached to much better stats – 7/7 for 6 mana. I believe Grumble will be broken for as long as there are jades in the format. Just imagine getting back in your hand Jade Spirit, Jade Chieftan and Aya, Blackpaw and replaying them for 1 mana. Don’t know about you but this sounds to me like something that will require nerf very soon.

Unstable Evolution


I can hardly imagine a card more flexible than this one. You decide how much mana to spend and which minion evolve a certain number of times before switching to another. Of course there is RNG involved but I like such kind of RNG since it’s controlled by the player. I don’t see a scenario in which this card is bad in the meta.

Reckless Flurry


If you have been waiting for the triumphant return of Control Warrior, this is your card. It synergizes well with the various old and new ways of armor gain the Warrior class has at his disposal. Most of the times this will be better than Brawl.

There are a lot of other cards with great potential in this set, Overall I think this is the best expansion since The Curse of Naxxrammas. Before I end this I want to give you one general advice – do not disenchant anything at least during the first month of the expansion. There will be a lot of brewing and you can never know which card will actually be the new Prince Keleseth for the meta.


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