Matchmaking changes in QM, Haunted mines out for prolonged period and more

Matchmaking changes in QM, Haunted mines out for prolonged period and more

Heroes of The Storm

Matchmaking changes in QM, Haunted mines out for prolonged period and more

January 14 , 2016


Even though our Heroes of the Storm boosting service is much more interested in Hero league and Team league, we think that this new announcement is quite important in general. Taking it step by step it is really showing that Blizzard is putting some hard work into creating an optimal competitive environment. Due to the lack of some key components and a few unpredictable bugs their matchmaking system has been facing a lot of criticism and is pulling the game downwards for a long time. We have talked about this issue on a number of occasions and it's time to introduce the newest improvement that is currently live in the game.

The risk of being matched against large group of friends or even a full 5 man team when you are soloing is greatly reduced now. In fact is you are in a soloqueue or duoqueue there is no chance of being matched against 5 man enemy team. This will significantly balance the Quick matches and will let us enjoy the game a bit more. 3 man queues can be matched against any party size. So the variety of what you can face when you are in a 3 man party remains unchanged. This is not so bad, because if you are confident premade trio you should be able to face a full man enemy team and still manage to win the game.

If you guys are feeling stuck in the Quick match ladder, dont forget that you have a MMR (match making rating) there too, which is virtually independent from the Hero league mmr.

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Quite frankly that was one of the least balanced maps when it comes to snowball potential. The games there could end up much quicker than in the other battlegrounds. However we did like this map, because it focused on early game dominance more than anything else. In that line of thoughts Haunted mines required great champion selection stage and good execution in the early games, a lot of activity around the map also. These are qualities that will most certainly attribute towards your success on the other playgrounds.

Blizzard officially announced that they will not put the battleground back before a rework and that it's not their current priority. So we'll see how long it takes to see a new and improved Haunted mines. Fingers crossed :)

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