Muradin - Hots Boost Hero Guide

Muradin - Hots Boost Hero Guide

Heroes of The Storm

Muradin - Hots Boost Hero Guide

December 23 , 2015


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As a tank Muradin is one of our hots boost team top pics. He can take more damage than others, and due to his low damage output, our Heroes of the Storm boosters chose CC as main goal for this build. With Stormbolt, Thunder burn and Avatar Muradin has a decent amount of CC he can use against the enemy team. In the current meta, he is one of the best solo tanks in the game, that also works well with another warrior by his side. Muradin's passive allows him to sustain heavy damage, and hop back in the fight in no time.


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Due to his large HP pool, and not enough mitigation, Muradin can be a meat bag for heroes with % damage output like Raynor, Valla and Kharazim, though it doesn't mean you shouldn't pick him against them. As a HoTs booster, I prefer Muradin, along side Johanna for almost any situation. His attack speed slow, and multiple stuns can shut down most damage threats in the game. The Mountain King's best matchups are against mele assassins like Thrall, Ilidan and Butcher and he doesn't do badly versus conventional picks eighter. One of the biggest weaknesses of Muradin is that he doesn't have reliable initiation and mostly relies on picks with his Q.


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Level 1: With a meta filled with auto attack carries like Raynor, Valla and Zagara, Reverberation is one of the best talents against them. Often our Hots boosters pick that talent, even without a major AA threat, because slowing the attack speed of the enemy warriors is too good.

Level 4: Thunder burn works really well with Reverberation, it duplicates the 50% attack speed slow. There is no reason not to take Thunder burn, if you have already committed to Reverberation.

Level 7: Piercing Bolt is the most common pick at that level. Stunning two key targets with Muradin's Q is a big deal, though not often achieved. An additional stun to a secondary target is always a good thing.

Level 10: Avatar is Muradins version of Beast-Mode. It provides him with another CC, basic attacks will now stun your enemies. The additional health you gain with this choice makes it perfect for team fights. Though it is easy to tunnel vision people with Avatar, the best way to use the heroic ability is for protecting your carries. Providing constant 0.75 sec stuns against the enemy warriors, or assassins, that want to bypass you in order to pick on your back lane, will give enough time for your assassins to rain havoc.

Level 13: Spell Shield is a great choice, especially if you are solo tanking. It gives Muradin stay on extra durability, and prevents heroes like Jaina or KT to burst him down.

Level 16: Stone form, combined with Avatar will give Muradin a huge self sustain during fights. It relieves your support from healing you so that he can focus on carries instead.

Level 20: There are a couple of choices people go for that key talent tree. But, boosting in Heroes of the Storm means to be as effective as you can during fights. There for Hardened Shield is the best talent for me. It gives Muradin huge damage mitigation for three seconds. The spell allows him to overextend during initiation, or to soak additional damage, which would otherwise go on your carries. In both cases, Hardened Shield can make the difference in the late game.

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