Myboosting is growing - we want you to be a part of it!

Myboosting is growing - we want you to be a part of it!

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Myboosting is growing - we want you to be a part of it!

November 15 , 2015


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We are looking to expand our reach and to do so we want your help. We have some remarkable success in the HotS boosting market and most probably even greater one to come in the Overwatch boost area. Although we are a young site that few people know about we have much to offer.
The main purpose why we are creating this article and why we are looking for collaboration is to help other online business owners (and ourselves) succeed in their tasks. If you are new to the scene you would most likely need guidance on topics like "What you should do to get more popular" and "How i can do things better to get more interest". We are quite experienced at that since this is our third online business we start from the ground up. You can check the speed that we are climbing and if you want we can give you some private feedback on what we have achieved previously.

Lets get to the point.

We are a Heroes of the Storm boosting site - mainly targeting that marked at the current time. We are still in an early stages and we would like to grow faster since we provide one of the best HotS services that are out there. For us quality is above everything else! In order to achieve this goal we would greatly appreciate outside help! Sounds too greedy right ? - We are not that kind of people though. We are a group of individuals that wants to succeed in what we do. We see that the online market is not an easy thing to conquer and thus we want to create something innovative that no one else can copy - a relationship that reaches beyond what is in our websites, the products and services that we offer. We want a link between the people behind the scene. That in our point of view is the key to success because showing quality these days is not the only factor that counts.

We want and offer mutual benefit partnership with sites (or members of communities) that are related to the service that we provide - Online gaming; Professional gamers; Heroes of the storm; Overwatch etc.
If you are a proud owner or an active member with good connections in these spheres we will be happy to work with you in order to achieve greater things together.

We can manage our business on our own, but we know that this is not the right way to go. If a businessman ever told you that outside attribution is not needed in order to succeed, well he is lying. The fastest and best way to grow in each and every market is to build a trustworthy, long-term relations with others that can gain benefit from each other.


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- First we offer guidance for the ones that are lacking experience.
- We will help you build better and bigger community related to your sector.
- We have faced a lot of difficulties when it comes to online business and competition, so even if you have experience in creating and developing your online business, we might have some solutions for you in certain spheres.
- We offer a chance our site traffic to review your site (Linking our partners) - this has a great effect overtime.
- We offer marketing and popularization ideas pretty much free of charge (ideas are what we excel at).


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We really dont want that much and nothing that we wouldn't do for you. Basically the thing that we mentioned in the above paragraph are the ones that we would want in return. With that being said you should not worry if you can not provide everything or anything of the above said. If you dont have the knowledge to give us some good tips for a specific area - that is perfectly fine and we would never ask from you something that is outside your reach of competence.

The main idea is to create a healthy community of people that want to progress in the online business (mainly gaming). We will exchange tips and ideas and hopefully get to a better end result for each participant in this community. The link between each of us will not be direct, but if there is something that someone within the group needs to know and another person can offer a good solution the connection will be made and the proper solution will be there.

For each of you that finds that idea attractive - Myboosting is looking forward to your participation. We will search for ambitiously looking sites ourselves and try to create a mutual-benefit environment for us all. If we contact you and forward you to this article you are most probably a site (or a member) that looks promising in our eyes.

If you like the ideas above please share and like with the links given on the top of the article.

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Thank you for being a part of - Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!