Is MyBoosting legit / trustworthy? The HotS feedback article

We've been asked a number of times for some feedback on our service. Take a look and enjoy!

Is MyBoosting legit / trustworthy? The HotS feedback article

Heroes of The Storm

Is MyBoosting legit / trustworthy? The HotS feedback article

May 20 , 2016


We've been asked on many occasions for some feedback from previous clients. We keep things confidential here so we were delaying this moment, but it is time to show a part of our customers feedback for our service. We will still keep our clients identification details hidden so that they don't get jeopardised in any way. If you are a client and your in-game screen is posted in this article / or your conversation was screened and you don't want it published in this article please message us and we will immediately remove the screenshot. We have done over a thousand orders so far and the number of unsatisfied clients is somewhere around 0. Yes there might have been a case or two where we were not 100% flawless, maybe we delayed your order with a few hours or a day, but we are human after all. We actually encourage anyone (if any) that didn't receive the services that he expected to write his feedback so that we can improve! We work everyday to serve you as good as humanly possible.

To the point!
Keep in mind this is just a small portion of what we've done so far, but we think it's enough to answer any concerns you might have.

Starting with some ingame screenshots:

myboosting boost


myboosting feedback 14

myboosting trustworthy

feedback myboosting

hots boost feedback

heroes of the storm boosting service

is myboosting legit

myboost best hots boost

best hots boost service

myboosting legit

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feedback on our service best hots boost ever

feedback 17

feedback 18

feedback 25

feedback 19

Some live chat system screens:

feedback 1


feedback 2


hots boost feedback 3


myboosting feedback 4


feedback 5


feedback 6


feedback 7


feedback 8


feedback 9


feedback 10


feedback 11

---------------- feedback


feedback 12


feedback 13


Some skype conversations:

feedback on this service


skype feedback


feedback 21


feedback myboosting hots boost

----------------- feedback article


And finally we would like to point out something we think is quite revealing for our service. You can roam around our website and take a look at the work we have done so far. If we had any intention to not perform at top level why would we put into this service so much time, money and most importantly numerous hours of work. We consider that everything we have done is on a really high level and people can see that everywhere around - our pages, our service options, our members area, the news we write almost each day - this does not just miraculously appear. It requires time and dedication. We love our job and we intend to perform on world class level for the future. Hope this article has given you the answer to your question. If you are still sceptical about it - well, good luck finding someone better :)

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Regards, - the quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!