Myboosting - Weekly Giveaway

Myboosting - Weekly Giveaway

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Myboosting - Weekly Giveaway

April 01 , 2018


Every Sunday at 5 PM CET (2pm UTC, 10 am PDT), we will choose THREE lucky winners, each of whom will receive FREE 50$ in the form of services. (Your personal discount will not be calculated, 50$ is the flat price with no discounts included). You can use them on any service we provide or keep them as store credit.

8th April winners streaming link:

VOD of winners :

NOTE: This will be our last giveaway in this form due to poor results. We'll try to reform the rules and the requirements and launch a new one in the near future.


The only Requirement is to be registered at our website. You don't need to have orders or anything else.


Do one or more of the following:

1. Like our Facebook page and Share our Giveaway post


2. Follow our Twitter and Retweet our Giveaway post


3. Like our Google+ profile and share our Giveaway post


After you do that > ADD YOUR GIVEAWAY CODE as a comment under the Giveaway post on the Social network(s) that you liked/followed.

Doing more than 1 of the listed actions gives you bigger chance to win. Each Social network gives you 1 participation (stacking up to 3). If you are lucky enough, you can win on all 3 social networks.

There will be one winner from FACEBOOK, one from TWITTER and one from G+.

Fast guide in 4 photos>
1. Copy Giveaway code > Screen
2. For Facebook > Screen - Red lines
3. For Twitter > Screen - Red lines + Follow main page
4. For G+ > Screen - Red lines + Like main page


Your 5 digits GIVEAWAY CODE is located inside your profile > right corner. Here is a screen > in Yellow.


You have to copy/paste this code as a comment on social network post. You can post it in all 3 of them, so you will have better chances for winning.


Winners will be selected randomly via livestream every Sunday during April (for now).

All participants will be chosen via their giveaway code. After a winner is chosen, you have 24 hours to contact us via live chat client on the website in order to claim your reward. If you do not come in the next 24 hours we will simply add 50$ as stored credit to your profile, that you can use on future purchases.

Winners will be announced on each social media post, together with the live stream video. We will also email each of the winners.

If you have any questions regarding the giveaway, feel free to ask our live support.


If you posted your giveaway code without doing any of the listed actions prior to the Live stream winner selection you will not receive the reward. Example: I was selected to win the Facebook giveaway, but i did not like and share the post. However I decided to do that after seeing that I am the winner. - You will not receive the 50$. Instead we will select a second winner that will replace your spot.

If you did not complete any of the required steps and you are chosen as a winner, you will be disqualified from the giveaway and we will choose another winner.


Week one giveaway - April 1 to April 8 . Winners will be chosen on April 8th.


Regards, - The quality boosting and coaching service!

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