Heroes of the Storm DuoQ boost and Coaching giveaway (facebook) Heroes of the Storm DuoQ boost and Coaching giveaway (facebook)

Heroes of The Storm Heroes of the Storm DuoQ boost and Coaching giveaway (facebook)

October 23 , 2015


buy hots boosting newest campaign related to Heroes of the storm DuoQ boosting and Coaching is there for you to grab.

It is an active Facebook promotion for all of you that want to grab it. You will have a chance to win:
- everyday - two Hots DuoQ games boost with one of our high rated professional players.
- every Sunday - 2 hours of Heroes of the Storm Coaching session with our best Coach.

This ongoing campaign aims two things.
First of all to introduce ourselves and our quality service to the public. We are starting it from Facebook because we think that there is a lot of active heroes of the storm players that want to get better in the game. We are certain that we can help you in that task. By using this free for all giveaway you can test our service and give yourself a head start in the game.

Free Hots boost and Coaching? Who would refuse that offer. In addition to the fact that you wont be paying anything you will not share your account information also. We will contact you and play with you, or on sunday arrange a coaching session. This is in our oppinion the perfect way to test us and the quality that we provide, free of any risks.

Second we want to show that we treat our clients in a better way. We know we are a young site and we want the word to spread out that we are here and we are here for good! You and your friends can test us, talk with us and play with us for free. All we want in return is your feedback and a facebook share! :)


free hots boost

The rules are quite simple and will take each player that wants to participate a maximum of 1 minute. To receive your fully free of charge hots boost you need to:

1. Like our facebook profile ( LINK )
2. Share our facebook profile with your friends or share a news we have posted
3. Type a word (doesnt matter what word - no cursing ofcourse xD) on our giveaway article on facebook.

Told you it takes a maximum of 1 minute! :)

Once you do that, there is going to be a selection each day that will make two of you winners. Now if you win today, you will not be able to participate again for the next 2 weeks. That is due to the fact that we want more people to try our hots boosting service out.

After we select the winners, we will contact them on facebook to arrange a nice and suitable time for you to collect your gift. A feedback after the service is done will be much appreciated!

That is basicly all you need to know for now. Good luck to all the participants!

If you like our giveaway, please share it on your facebook profile. This simple action helps us grow and be better at what we do!
THANK YOU! free boost

Regards, - Heroes of the storm boosting and coaching service!