- new design, better interaction, functions and user experience. - new design, better interaction, functions and user experience.

Overwatch - new design, better interaction, functions and user experience.

May 31 , 2017


We have been looking forward to this moment for awhile and tt seems that this is the best time to release our new upgrade meant to make your experience at Myboosting even better. We are celebrating that with a 15% discount code each of you can use “redesign15”.

What are the new functions and benefits: - redesign

- Personal discounts system based on the activity of each customer - being loyal is something that we value. We talk with most of you on a daily base and we do know who our clients are. You are now being rewarded for sticking with us throughout the time with exclusive permanent discounts that are only for you to use. Based on your activity here and money spent you will be getting from one rank to another and earning a stacking discount up to 20% just for you. Your old orders will be taken into consideration ;)

- Referral system credit - recommending our service to your friends means a lot for us. With that being said you will now receive a free 10$ credit for the first friend of yours that comes here and spends 50$+. Each additional person that comes with the help of your referral will bring you additional +5$ to your credit. Even better - your friends that sign up with us will receive a 10% discount that they can use unlimited times!

- Real time notifications - YEP! You can browse the web or check your facebook profile and you’ll get a notification from us if something important happens with your order, for example it’s completed or a booster is assigned. This should make you more flexible with what you do when you use our service, no need to stand by - you will just know

- We are creating custom videos that are meant to help you understand the potential of our website, the functions and features that you might want to use. Videos will be ready in a few days.

- You can now watch your stream privately on our website inside of your order.

- You can get familiar with who each booster is and what they main, when they play and more.

- You will now know the time difference you have with your assigned booster / coach.

- There are a bunch of other new cosmetic and function features that have been implemented that we know our regular users will love!


As you can see we have a massive visual upgrade that is meant to please your eyes, make your user interaction even smoother and most importantly to create the experience that you all deserve!

We have edited every single page on our website, we added a Landing page for new comers and … god damn the animations . We are a gaming related website and we don’t want to be boring in anyway. We have a ton of ideas that we might add in the future to make Myboosting an even more enjoyable place for the gamers across the world. Most importantly… we want our visual to be if not equal to how much better we are from our competition, then at least get close to that. Reked!

We have a full screen resolution because some of you geeks like the big screens huh ? :D This new addition can be seen on other boosting sites … wait - incorrect. Yep you might not feel it on your 15.6 inch laptop mate, but it’s there!


Hearthstone boosting

Hearthstone has quite the fanbase and is definitely a game worth mentioning. We have decided to go into the wild and harvest some noobs there. We have already established an insane team of players that will be joining our Hearthstone boosting and coaching service so be aware, inside Legend boosting included! 

Check out what we have to offer here - Hearthstone boosting coming real soon

Regards, - the quality HotS, HS and Overwatch boosting service!

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