Myboosting's Overwatch boosting forum campaign has started!

Myboosting's Overwatch boosting forum campaign has started!


Myboosting's Overwatch boosting forum campaign has started!

July 24 , 2016


As a part of our expansion we have started a number of threads around world known gaming forums related to the games that MyBoosting offers services for. If you are a forum user of one of these forums you can always check hour our threads are going, what feedback we are getting there and you can also post your opinion on how good we are doing.

Any type of comment is helpful and we encourage people to point out both good and bad things that they see. We think that criticism is a great way to find the path towards self-improvement.

With this campaign we hope that a larger audience will get to see what we do. MyBoosting is guaranteeing the quality of each of the listed services within the site and therefor we would like more people to test us. Forum advertising is just the first step we are taking, there will be many exclusive promotions, offers and discounts in the near future. Wait for our September - you will like it, just saying :)

Some of the forums we chose to participate in:


Epvp is one of the largest community of gamers, with a large presence from Germany. You can find basically everything you want in that forum. Information / boosting / coaching / middleman services. Ingame currency exchange and more.

Our Overwatch boosting thread on EPVP


EpicNPC is a well known forum with reputation behind it's back. A lot of verified players advertise there so you can check out what they offer.

Our Overwatch boost thread on EpicNPC


Sythe is one of the best organized forums for gaming out there. The have active mods and really good support. They actually verify each boosting service individually to check if the seller is actually good enough for what he offers. This is really good both for the site reputation and the customers willing to buy the best service out there.

Our Ow boost thread on Sythe


We are kinda new to this forum and don't have a lot of experience with it, but it seems like a great place to find what you are looking for. It's a large community with active users that are helpful and respectful.

Our Ow boosting thread on D3Scene

We are looking to add more places to put our service to show. We have idea for the next 2-3 such places and are currently looking for more. is the world's best Overwatch boosting and coaching service. That we can guarantee. We have already selected some of the best players out there to work for us. We broke a few records for game performance, so if you are wondering where to place your order we are exactly what you are looking for.

Feel free to message our 24/7 live support for assistance.

Overwatch boosting service

Regards, - The quality Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch boosting service!