Nazeebo – HoTs Boosting Hero Guide

Nazeebo – HoTs Boosting Hero Guide

Heroes of The Storm

Nazeebo – HoTs Boosting Hero Guide

December 19 , 2015

HERO OVERVIEW:hots boosting service
Nazeebo is an interesting hero in Heroes of the Storm. His auto attack is a DoT thanks to his passive which also makes his abilities do poison damage. He does not have much mobility without talents, however he is ranged which is very helpful. Even though Nazeebo is aspecialist, he is capable of replicating the damage of an assassin with his array of abilities. He is a powerful pick in almost any map, and ourHotS boosters are very happy of his current state.

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Nazeebo has a weak early game, but thanks to his level one talent Death Ritual, he stacks a huge amount of hp and mana, making him more tany as the games goes on. Due to his low mobility, it is keyto keep a good positioning during fights, warriors like ETC, Diablo, Johanna, Anub and Muradin can easily lock you down. Also burst assassins like Nova, Zeratul, Jaina and Tychus are a nightmare early inthe game. As a Heroes of the Storm booster, I find that Nazeebo starts picking up at around level 13, where his real strength shows up. His constant damage output upon the entire enemy team is often too much for any support to heal. It makes sense to pick Nazeebo on maps like Tomb of the Spider Queen, Cursed Hollow and Infernal Shrines, where the games usually go even until the later stages.
BUILD:hots boost
Level 1: As I mentioned earlier, Death Ritual is a key to Nazeebo’s power. It gives a ton of free stats during the entire duration of the game. Our HoTs boost team find Death Ritual to be the strongest level one talent in the game.
Level 4: Spider Cluster is very viable alternative for Nazeebo and the top choice currently at that level. More spiders – more damage. The new AI fix of the spiders really helps this build out.
Level 7: Gidbinn makes your abilities explode in a bigger area orlast longer. It is a perfect talent for the early game, which transitions really well into the later stages
.Level 10: As a HoTs booster, I can’t say for certain which of the two heroic abilities is better. It really depends on the setup, map and over all – the current state of the game.Gargantuan received a buff. Now it deals more damage and has better AI. There are two great things about it: It soaks up damage and it tends to get ignored or underestimated in fights.Ravenous Spirit is still a great ultimate despite o f the nerfs it received. It compensates for one of Nazeebo’s weaknesses – he doesn’t have ny burst damage. And if you feel comfortable with it, there is no reason not to pick it up. Be careful of long range interrupts.
Level 13: Thing of the Deep comes to replace the removed Sprint. Instead Nazeebo now gets a 25% increase in range across the board for his abilities. This both keeps him in the back line where he belongs, as well as allowing him to shoot frogs, spiders and zombies from downtown.
Level 16: Leaping Spiders combined with level four's Spider Cluster talent and you'll have hobbits more scared than Shelob. The two talents together replacing Gathering Power and Specialized Toxin are now the most optimal way to play assassin Nazeebo.
Level 20: What better pick for immobile dps like Nazeebo than Bolt of the Storm. I have said it many times in my previous guides – as part of a boosting team, staying alive is most important for a damage dealer. Bolt of the Storm gives you the chance to escape from a bad position, or a gank, evading the 60 seconds death timer, which can be the difference between winning and loosing the game.

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