The number 1 Hero league player in NA spoke his mind on what should change in Hots

The number 1 Hero league player in NA spoke his mind on what should change in Hots

Heroes of The Storm

The number 1 Hero league player in NA spoke his mind on what should change in Hots

October 14 , 2015

What should change in Heroes of the storm to make it more competitive

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The number one spot player in Hero league - Srey posted a thread a few hours ago on reddit with which he expresses his mind on how and what should get fixed in Heroes of the Storm.

You can view the full post on the following link: Srey article

The article has full preview of some of the aspects in the game that in his point of view should change. We as a Hots boosting service can't agree more with what the N1 player has wrote. His point of view matches ours and many others completely. Briefly said the biggest problem at the current moment with Hero league is its matchmaking. The matches that are played have a really wide range of skill level of the players in a single game. For example you can be top seeded rank 1 player and still get into a game with 4 rank 30 or even lower players.

This does not only affect the high tier players though. Imagine if you are a player that is just beginning to understand the game and you end up in a game playing against guys like Srey. It will be to say the least demoralizing for you as a new player. The ranked matchmaking should change and we can't praise enough the article writer about the way he expressed things. Not only that - he actually gave some good hints about what can be done to solve the current problem.

We often play at rank 1 for our Hots boosting orders and we encounter exactly the same things as he does which is also confirmed by almost all of the high tier players. This is making the pro hots players look for other option to enjoy the game and actually get better at it - the most common solution is to start playing Team league. Although we love Team league we dont think that it's purpose is to save all the solo/duo queue players from misery. Things need to get better and the match making system should be adjusted to better represent the skill level of both teams and balance the games with that. It should also match players that know the game on a high level with others on that level and vice versa.

Our hots boosters have talked about that with us on a number of occasions. The things mentioned in the article are also one of the main reasons why we can not guarantee winrate of lets say 80-90% for our hots boost orders. If you are matched with people that dont know how the game should be played or just dont give their best effort to do it properly most of the times you will end up losing. The amount of headache that some of these games can bring you can be illstrated as a hammer hitting your head.

The solutions

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The topic made quite an impression on the public. We are sure that Blizz has also spotted it and we think that they will take remark of what is said there. A lot of players started giving suggestions how to improve the system and make the whole game experience better. If you have a good idea about it you can simply post a comment on his forum thread and maybe you will see it implimented in Heroes of the storm. As far as our point of view goes as a Heroes of the storm boosting service we would like to see rework of the matchmaking mechanism. One that will makes the game more balanced and corresponding to the actual skill of the players. How this is going to happen is entirely at the hands of the developers, but we are sure that you - all the fans can give them some great tips about what and how to do in that regard.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article, although the credit for it goes to the Number 1 NA Hots player - Srey - Great job man! Keep it up!

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Regards, - a Heroes of the storm boosting service!