October 20th Hots Patch (Hots boosting website review)

October 20th Hots Patch (Hots boosting website review)

Heroes of The Storm

October 20th Hots Patch (Hots boosting website review)

October 21 , 2015

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In the latest update we encounter some slight changes in a few aspects. Most importantly for us as Heroes of the Storm boosting service is the queue time adjustment. Instead of 360 sec it is now 600 sec, which allows players to find better suitable matches. That means more balance in the game and closer rank difference between the opponents. That is a great first step towards creating an all around good matchmaking system. We think there is more to come from that area, but we are pleased with the start.

Another thing that is great for Hots boosting is the fact that in champ select, if you fail to pick a hero you will no longer be given a random one. Instead you will just receive a penalty and the queue will be dodged. That is GREAT! For the lazy ones that might be a bad thing, but for the ones that actually want to play a decent game it is another step in the right direction. Having a random player playing a random champ is worse than russian roulette. You basicly have to pray that he has atleast basic knowledge about that specific champion. Even the most experienced Hots boosters have issues carrying these individuals. We as heroes of the storm boosting site are in favour of that change and encourage people that start queueing to stay close to their PCs. Saves everyone nerves and time xD

Lt. Morales Buffed

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We really thought that he would be a great addition to the hero roster from the start. It turned out that he is kinda lacking qualities that would enable him to be of much use to the teamcompositions. Other supports provide most of the things that he does, just a bit better. Heroes of the storm boosts with him seemed not viable so a change should defo come in hand. The HP buff and the HP regen buff, feel like a good idea, but we were hoping to get more of a skillset change. Nevertheless it is an ok buff. We shall try a few games with him during our Hots boosts and give our thoughts on how that one goes.

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