October Heroes of the storm boosting discount (20% OFF)

October Heroes of the storm boosting discount (20% OFF)

Heroes of The Storm

October Heroes of the storm boosting discount (20% OFF)

October 01 , 2015

Why would you want to get your HotS boost with MyBoosting.com?

Hots boost

As a newly formed website we want to prove our clients that we are the best on the market when It comes to Heroes of the Storm boosting. Right now there is an ongoing exclusive 20% discount on every order you purchase with us. Each new client is valuable for us and each order gets our full attention. Quality, safety and speed for all HotS boost orders is guaranteed. We also want to treat the ones that come to us first with a gift. When time comes and we are on the highest rank in the HotS boosting business we will remember the ones that were with us from the very beginning and we will reward you appropriately. We are starting our further upgrade to our site and we will be coming up with a better responsive (mobile version) for it. Also we are adding a members area for you! These are just a few of the steps we are taking. These changes will be active in the next month and you will be able to take advantage of them. The member area is going to be modified periodically and we would be happy if you take part of this process by telling us what you would like to see there. We are very flexible when it comes to upgrades – if it’s good for you it is good for us and we will provide it. Our website developers are always ready to put together ideas and make them look fantastic.

What are our current HotS boosting services and where can they be found?

Heroes of the storm boosting service

Starting with Heroes of the Storm Ranked boosting – a fast service that allows you to select the rank you desire to be in HotS. Our boosters will log on your account and grind the ladder for you in no time. When the order is completed (which will be fast) you will continue playing from the rank you wished for!

Duo queue boost (per game or per rank) – option that is great for the ones that want to learn more about the game and at the same time get higher ranking. Our boosters will play with you and teach you on the way to your desired hots rank.

Placement games boost – first 20 games with unique results – YOU GOT IT!

All these can be found on the link below:

Hots boosting section
Coaching – with great knowledge comes great power. One of the best ways to evolve faster in the game is by getting a few tips by a professional player. That is just one click away from achieving.

Hots coaching section

Feel free to try out our service - if you are not satisfied we will charge back your money.

What new features should you expect from Myboosting?

cheap hots boost

We already mentioned the mobile design and the members area. We are also following what blizzard is introducing to the game and constantly keeping up with them when It comes to service provided. We are looking forward to also include other games to our website. So yes – we are going to be multiboosting. Ideas and suggestions are more than welcome, so we are ready to hear your thoughts on what other games we should include?

We are also planning to make a few games or lotteries with different gifts. Most of you will be able to participate in them and win an awesome skin/free hots boost/ an hour of heroes of the storm pro player coaching session and more. Activity will most certainly be rewarded. We never leave a fellow that is helping us improve and develop our business without a prize.

Feel free to suggest any type of game / lottery that you would like to participate in. Maybe even start a little tournament with a trophy reward.

Why are we giving Heroes of the Storm boost discount?

HotS boosting is getting more and more popular. People that are switching from other platforms like LoL, Dota 2 and others know what boosting means, but some still aren’t familiar with it. Since we are a newly formed website we would like to give our first clients a treat and at the same time to introduce our service to the public. Therefore we will add a brief review of what HotS boost means.

What is HotS boosting?

buy rank one hots

Buying Heroes of the Storm boost gives you a few benefits. First and most importantly it gives you the chance to select a specific rank in the official ladder that you want to play in. You will find better opponents there and learn from them with much faster speed than normal. Second it saves you a lot of time. If you climb 10 ranks for 10 days – our boosters do it in 1. Third you have the option to play with a professional player in your team and ask him for in-game tips and feedback on the game – this is a flawless way to increase your own skills and start smashing the competition.

How can I get the discount for my HotS boost?

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The discount is in the form of PROMO CODE and is written in one of the photos in this article. When you find it > Go to our Heroes of the Storm boosting section CLICK HERE LINK > Select the type of boost you want ( HotS rank boost, duo queue boost , placement games boost etc. ) and add the promotion code in the field “promo code” and your discount will be calculated immediately. The opening month discount is 20% for all types of orders, besides the Promotion packs.

The discount is active for the whole of OCTOBER and will be disabled at the beginning of November. Take advantage of the cheaper hots services with it and test our service.

Are there any other ways I can get a cheap Heroes of the Storm boost?

grandmaster boost

MyBoosting regularly sets up promotion packs that can be found in our Promo packs section CLICK HERE LINK. If you are looking for a cheap HotS boost, be sure to check this section regularly. Our promotion packs are for limited time only and are changing periodically.

If any questions arise and you don’t know the answers to them – please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Reguards, MyBoosting team.