The official ranked HotS season is coming

The official ranked HotS season is coming

Heroes of The Storm

The official ranked HotS season is coming

March 24 , 2016


UPDATE - HOTS SEASON 1 STARTS 14th JUNE 2016 - read full info here!

The yesterdays blog post (SOURCE) concerning some of a long time awaited changes was released. Our Heroes of the Storm boosting site is thrilled mostly by the first of a kind so far announcement given in a video of the Game Director that the Season 1 start is coming quite soon. We cant speculate for an exact time since we think that even Blizzard doesn't know it yet, but SOON is better then nothing and it cannot be more than 1-2-3 months, which is fine.

Our Hots Hero league rank boosting is working with full force at the moment and we are expecting a massive increase of the work once the season arrives. We are performing an expansion of our HotS boosters squad and some of our new additions are simply outstanding. wants to inform all of its customers that we will be releasing a Grandmaster boosting service once the new rank arrives, together with a full Hots Unranked to Grandmaster boost promotion pack with a significant discount. Be sure to check our promotions regularly since we will be giving some amazing new offers for all of you guys!

Let's hope the new official season 1 of Heroes of the Storm will bring us excitement, great moments and a lot of unique competitive events to watch, enjoy and why not - participate!

Continuing with some of the other (Secondary XD, but still important) new features

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YES! Our requests have been heard - no more 1 - 2 OP champions domination for weeks until they get a proper nerf. We'll be able to ban whatever hero is out of line and also adjust our teamcomposition to have less counters. The bans are important not just for the game balance but also for the tactical aspect of the game including a champion select team formation which can in some cases give a huge edge for the team that picked and banned better! Although it is not exactly ingame related this aspect of the game is important and is used in almost every competitive game on the market.

Each team will have 2 rounds of banning that will start with 1 ban for each team at the start of the draft and additional one after the third round of picking.

The feedback that brought us to this change was relentless and increasingly demanding so that Blizzard could no longer ignore it so this is not only a victory for Heroes of the Storm it's also a victory for all the fans that want to make it a better and more competitive game! Congrats guys!

With the new ban system implementation Blizzard also announced that they are lifting the minimum requirement of champions owned to start playing in the Hero league mode from 10 to 14. That is due to the possibility of all heroes that you own being picked and ban, leaving you with no option to choose from - reasonable and approved!

Hope you guys are as excited as we are about the new events on the HotS horizon!
Stay tuned with Myboosting as we will be releasing some great new features in our site also!

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Regards, - Heroes of the storm boosting service!