Orisa - Overwatch champion guide

Orisa - Overwatch champion guide


Orisa - Overwatch champion guide

October 19 , 2017


1. Introduction

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

3. Skills and Abilities

4. Auto attacking

5. How to use your abilities + combos

6. How to play Orisa strategically (in-depth)

7. How to improve your mechanics

8. Picks and counter picks

9. How to play against a good Orisa

10. Conclusion



- Role - Tank

- Difficulty – Medium

- What is she good at – Orisa is an anchor tank. This means that she wants all teammates to play around her most of the time. This however doesn’t mean that she is a front line soaking up damage. She needs a little more tricky play style. She is really good at protecting your back line by shielding them with barrier or pulling enemy flankers away. She can also create bunkers for a primary dps on your team and thus keeping steady defense while also providing good output of damage.

- When to pick/not pick- Good thing about Orisa is that she pretty good in a lot of compositions. In attacking dive comp she needs to be paired with a fairly mobile second tank for that to work such as D.Va and Winston; however you need to keep in mind that she can’t protect them as her movement is very limited. While attacking with a slow but steady push Orisa is good with Roadhog , Zarya or Reinhardt. These tanks are great for slowly pushing the enemy back, and she has the perfect tools to aid them.


- Strengths – She can either protect the back line and the main front tank, keep in mind that may not be possible in every compositions. Usually she is focused on keeping the main tank alive. Disrupt flankers or pull enemies behind corners or walls. Orisa excels on protecting choke points providing barriers for you main source of dps and in the same time she does a decent amount of dmg. She can also be used for slow sieging for basically the same reasons, stable source of damage, barrier protection, anti cc skill for more efficient pushes.

- Weaknesses – Limited movement speed – no mobility skills, unable to run to health packs and sustain, half of her hp is armor. (she runs even slower when firing.) One of the biggest hit boxes in the game, which makes her an easy target. Arguably her fortify ability makes her survivable, but a sneaky Reaper could easily take her out or a fast Tracer. One big flaw is that once she dies she will have a really hard time getting back into the fight on time.


– [LMB] - Fusion Driver – Her primary fire is a fast projectile weapon with 150 ammo.

– [RMB] – Halt – Works like small graviton charge that travels at slow speed until it collides with something. It can also be reactivated to pull enemies together.

– [LSHIFT] – Fortify – Makes Orisa really tanky for a short while (taking 50% less damage.) She also becomes immune to crowd control effects.

– [E] - Protective barrier – She can fire it in an arc to really long ranges to deploy a 900 HP stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire.

[Q] – Supercharger – She deploys a device with 200 health that gives every teammate in sight a 50% damage increase in a 25-meter radius for 15 seconds.


– [LMB] – The main thing is that the projectiles don’t have a falloff. (Damage falloff means that certain ranged weapons and abilities does less and less damage the further the shooter is away from the target when it impacts the target.) So for Orisa it only depends on the range how fast are the projectiles going to land. The weapon has 150 ammo and each bullet does 12 dmg, meaning you can do monstrous amount of damage hitting up to 1800 per clip at rate of 12 shots per second for a 144 DPS. Let’s review few scenarios to explain how the fire should be used more efficiently:

- Stationary turret in long range – This is a good target for Orisa , as we explain there is no falloff so constant shooting at the turret will destroyed it with ease.

- A moving target in long range will be a difficult for Orisa, it’s better if she fires constantly at a corner predicting an incoming enemy target, rather chasing someone in great distance.

- She can however fight really well in mid-range the only thing that you need to know here is that you have to shoot in front of the enemy predicting their movement. (You can always practice this to improve your skills.)

- In short range you can deal great amount of damage to tanks. Example would be a charging Reinhardt, Using your fortify ability to stop him from pushing you while shooting at him will melt his health while stopping his engage.



Let’s first discuss the [RMB] HALT ability. It has 8 seconds of cooldown and it’s essentially is a mini graviton. It has many uses which you need to learn to be great with Orisa. Let’s break them down:

- First impression is of course the option to pull enemies to a place, which can lead to a lot of different synergies with other champions. Almost every combo that can be performed with Zarya’s Graviton Surge is available to Orisa as well, but they need to be performed in a very short time window. Such as throwing a bomb with Tracer to a group of pulled enemies or Genji who can slice through them very quickly and dash out while finishing them. The ability is also great with Hanzo, simply pull an enemy upwards when hiding behind shields or corners and he can one shot them.

- Protecting your allies – You can pull away flankers who are trying to dive your supports and allowing damage dealers to do their work on them. Ulting Genji dashes in your back line, no problem pull him away and he will have hard time escaping without a dash.

- Denying enemy ultimates – Boosted Pharah is ulting you from above, fire a predictive halt to pull her behind a wall. Disruption MacCree ultimate simply pull him at any direction.

- [LSHIFT] - Fortify ability mitigates 50% of all damage for four seconds cooldown. It also makes you immune to all crowd control effects, but does not protect your allies. It shouldn’t be used whenever you have it available but more strategically and only with purpose. You can compare it to Zarya’s shield in the sense of it’s usage.

- [E] Barrier – The main purpose of shields in this game is not to soak damage. They should always be used to defend your team when something is actively happening, making sure they are protected. Orisa however can have a little more option of the way you can use her barrier. Compare it to both Reinhardt and Winston shields combined together, but siding more with Winston’s. You can both defend and push with the shield. You can do a “barrier dance” as well, just like Winston. Key to this ability is to know that the cooldown stars from the moment its cast.

-[Q] Supercharger – Is both efficient in defense and attack with its 50% damage boost to every ally in sight. As it has 200 health, you need to be very precise while deploying; It’s good to put barrier in front and protect it so you can use it as much as possible.


Let’s discuss how well Orisa performs in a team:

Orisa in defense – Defensive play is her stronger side. As she ca rally her team behind chokes and providing both good protecting for your back line and front tank. Playing as Orisa, you should always pick a cover with wall to the side or behind her, as she does exceptionally well in maps with tight corridors and small passages. This allows her to not worry from specific flanks and control the area better. This is good on all occasions and especially when you are the main tank in some defensive scenarios.

A great strategy in defense is to use your shield to cut the enemy back line from the front line when they are stampeding to the point. This will cause their healers to come closer and essentially provide a window for your dps to pick them off.

As we already discussed Halt can be used in many ways, but the key is to give your team the biggest edge in a single use. The strategy here is divide and conquer, first let the ball pass through the enemy front line, make a call to your dps pull someone from their back line and your team will do the rest.

Orisa in attack – She is doing alright at almost every map, but her weakest are the payload ones as pushing it doesn’t favor Orisa’s play style. You can still pick her, but you have to make sure you are choosing a slow composition that can control the payload. The key there would be to place shields on the payload and protect the drivers while disrupting your enemies by pulling them aside looking for a pick.

The bongo (supercharger) placement is also important here if there isn’t a good spot for it, you can also place it behind the payload and use its protection. If you can get one or two picks before it goes down it was worth it.

Both in sieging a point and pushing a payload, you can use your ult for getting picks, the idea here is to priorities the enemies coming to destroy it.

Use your shield to gain ground pushing with your team, the importance here is to efficiently use your cooldown so that you have that 900 hp protection all the time.


The first thing that we are going to talk about is “barrier dancing” and what that means. The concept is like playing Winston, you duel with a target enemy and get in and out of the barrier so it can soak up as much damage as possible. The same goes for Orisa in close combat.

Barrier dancing can be different as well, you can essentially do the same thing, but the idea is to block the enemy line of sight and keep the shield healthy by body blocking it. In this case make sure your team is ready to push and you have a healer focusing you.

Orisa has a huge hitbox so body blocking for saving your allies is also part of your job, use your fortify ability when you are getting hit by a major ability to make sure you don’t get eliminated.

Orisa relies on a lot of practice for all of her skills and her auto attacks, you should go into practice range and I would recommend practicing the autos first. Aim at Static bots, then moving targets on different ranges.

Then trying pulling them away using HALT ability in different directions, imagine that you are creating openings from different champions.

Shoot your barrier in the sky in different angles, have a sense of where it lands and then transition that to most of the maps, thus lowering the cooldown of that ability.

Place the supercharger behind walls then move around to see exactly to where It reaches you and what’s it limitation (vision wise). This will allow you to understand how to defend it properly and how to get the most of it.



Orisa synergizes well with almost every hero that can follow up her Halt ability or have good interaction with her in the sense that both heroes complement each other’s play style.

Some examples for Halt are : Hanzo , Reinhardt, Genji, Tracer, Roadhog – essentially enabling their ults and opening opportunities for picks.

Play style synergy: Ana, Winston, Zarya, Reinhardt , Roadhog, Soldier, MacCree.

Orisa is weak against:

-Sombra (She can hack Orisa, disabling her from the fight.)

-Widowmaker (You are not protected behind the barrier from her, due to the fact the she is always looking for a good angle to snipe you from a good High ground cover, 3 clean hits and Orisa is scrap.)

-Tracer (A good tracer will be able to establish dominance over Orisa and use her as a ult charger)

-Reaper (Sneak in behind Orisa and before realizing she is death)

-Bastion (He makes a quick work out of your barrier and basically doesn’t allow you to have it at all times, you can say he is a counter to teams that play around barriers)


We all know how annoying it can be to face a barrier all the time and receive barrages of endless projectiles coming up towards you or being pulled aside and getting destroyed for less than a second. Orisa excels on providing bungers and playing around her teammates and creating picks. In order to counter that you need to make use of one of her counters. Don’t allow her to use her ability proficiently and exploit her enormous hitbox. If you are the dps hero communicate with your team before going for her. Remember her cooldowns, don’t allow her to have barrier all the time and snipe he down. This will not allow you to constantly kill her, but also will discrupt your enemy team strategy.


This Orisa guide is well rounded for players throughout the whole ladder. Make sure you learn how to aim her ability’s and autos first and then jump into the fray with Orisa. Protect your team and be the tank they dreamed of and of course don’t forget to have fun.

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