Our Heroes of the Storm boost site main goals

Our Heroes of the Storm boost site main goals

Heroes of The Storm

Our Heroes of the Storm boost site main goals

December 02 , 2015


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We are slowly but surely looking to conquer the top spots of all search engines for all relevant Heroes of the Storm boost keywords. We are gathering bigger clients pool and we have not yet had a single one that did not like the way we work and the end result of his order. We are working hard daily to be considered the top Heroes of the Storm boosting service out there and we thank all our supporters and clients for helping us reach that goal. We proved to everyone that used our services that we are the most professional and quality site out there. We know that many more hots fans will use our service and we promise not to disappoint any of them.


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We are always looking for ways to make our service even better. The paths we are taking are versatile and aiming to improve our site in different ways.

Soon we will have a members area, better and more sufficient than in any other of our competitors. Our customers will have the chance to do everything that is needed to feel safe, communicate with their boosters, get informed on our work and on the progress of their orders.

Myboosting is starting to form partnership with other sites related to Heroes of the Storm and we are looking to expand our reach with Overwatch related ones (check this article). We are looking to form a group of network of long-term partners that will help us improve our overall service, as we will help our partners with all that we can.

We are spreading our boosting reach. We look for what is new and wanted on the market. Our first choice is Overwatch - an amazing FPS game developed by Blizzard, still in the Alpha testing period, but holds great promise for its future. Overwatch boosting will be one of the things we are looking forward in doing with great anticipation and high expectations.

Myboosting tries to keep you informed about all that is interesting and relevant for the games that we offer boosting services for. Our news section is probably the best one among the other specialized Hots boosting sites, keeping in mind that we are not only news oriented one. We keep track of all the latest news, announcements and events and we try to get all the information as trusted and as fast as possible. We also started a series of articles related to HotS guides - for heroes, maps and strategies. They can all be found in our News section and are completely free for every visitor to review them and learn something useful to improve his game!


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We value the feedback that you guys give us. If there is anything you dislike or like we want to hear it and we will do our best to improve it. After all our main aim is to satisfy our clients needs. If you have suggestions for features that we dont offer please share them with us. Your opinion is valuable to us!

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