With over 4 million USD on the line - The competition has begun

With over 4 million USD on the line - The competition has begun

Heroes of The Storm

With over 4 million USD on the line - The competition has begun

January 19 , 2016


At Blizzcon there was a huge announcement about the future of the competitive Heroes of the Storm scene. The structure of the big annual tournament was introduced to the fans and now it is time to start the grand grind.

It has never been a better time to be a professional player and as we can see one of the biggest pots among all games belongs to HotS. Blizzard is saving no expense when it comes to the tournament future of the game. The huge money that the winners will take on each of the small events and the Championship tournament is a motivation for perfection.

The start of the circuit has began and the first surprises are already hitting the Nexus as Cloud9 - the world champions were eliminated in the group stage of the ongoing official tournament as Zero gaming and EDG managed to secure the top two spots in Group A.

This year is going to determine the path that the competitive Heroes of the Storm is going to take. 2015 was a big year for the game and set up the ground for bigger and more exciting events to come. We are on the verge of a new HotS era and our Heroes of the Storm boosting team will follow each event with interest up to the moment where the next champion team is crowned. We have our favourite teams to root for and we think that you have yours too. Follow these amazing events and be a part of the growing HotS community. Try your hardest to achieve excellence and maybe one day we will be watching you playing on these huge tournaments, fighting for the grand prize.

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The World Championship Circuit structure looks like that.

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Our Heroes of the Storm boosting squad advices you to watch and learn from the teams fighting in the Nexus, you can learn a lot from the top players and improve your playstyle dramatically.

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