Overwatch 8th may patch impact over the game

Overwatch 8th may patch impact over the game


Overwatch 8th may patch impact over the game

March 10 , 2016


As an Overwatch boost related company we try to keep our visitors informed about the current state of the game.

1. With the last patch a few impactful changes were made. First and most importantly there were a few balance changes that we highly agree with:

Lucio and Zenyatta have been the two most impactful supports in the game for the last few weeks, ever since Mercy was nerfed. Both of the top tier support's strength has been decreased and mainly their ultimates friquency. Both Lucio and Zenyatta had one of a kind teamfighting ultimates that in most cases decided big teamfights around the main objectives.

Another champ that has been significantly buffed is Mei. Although she did feel a little bit of an underpowerd level the recent patch presumably made her one of the top tier picks. Our Ovw boosting site thinks that we are facing a bit of an overbuff that will most likely be decreased in the upcoming patches.

2. A new Control map has been added to the game - Ilios. It's a relatively small map that shows the athmosphere of a daylight Mediterranean island city with lots of structures. We tested the map and it feels like beeing a bit different from what the other control battlefields are. That is mainly due to the reason that Recapturing the objective control is slightly harder on the new map then the others. The map however is extremely fun and is great for low/mid range champions to dominate the games such as - Reaper, Winston, Mei, Junkrat

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1. The career profile progress has been wiped clean and every statistic that you had has been reset for all the players. This is a normal step concidering the stage that the game is currently at. Tests are still ongoing and honostly said this clean wipe is a great tool to figure out how much better you are getting into the game - are you still struggling to find your playstyle. In anycase our Overwatch coaching service will be available in the upcoming months and we will be able to help all of the players that want to become better and smarter in Overwatch.

2. Healthpacks are relocated across the maps.

3. Temple of Anubis B objective has an additional access and a wider front gate. Numbai has visual updates.

4. A few new Legendary skins are available and most of then (not all :D) look amazing. Visual updates have been added to the menues and additional visual prizes are available to win (sprays etc.)

A thing that we dislike is the Mercy voice rework. That is most probably temporary until we get used to it, but it seems that the old voice was better :)

Hope you guys liked our new Overwatch preview.

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