Overwatch beta ended - retrospection

Overwatch beta ended - retrospection


Overwatch beta ended - retrospection

April 26 , 2016


Overwatch closed beta has ended. Since yesterday all in-game action has been shut down. The servers are offline and the players will have to take a few days break.

As unpleasant as that is for some this is a necessary step towards the real development of the game. Some of us had the pleasure to play this wonderful first person shooter that is one of the most promising games on the market at the moment. We've had good moments with it and many more to come. We've also seen a self-developing competitive stage that has reached a great skill level and knowledge of the game.

Myboosting.com is one of the first companies to start an Overwatch rank boosting (competitive) business and we are happy to announce that our service sections will be live for the official launch planned on 24th May 2016th.

The next important dates that are set by Blizzard are:

May 3rd - Return of Overwatch Beta (Pre-Order Customers, Open Beta)
May 5th - Return of Overwatch Beta (General Public, Open Beta)
May 9th - End of Overwatch Open Beta
May 24th - Release of Overwatch

In other words until the official release you will have a maximum of 6 days to play the game in the Overwatch open beta (if you pre-order the game) or 4 days (if you did not). Although it's not a lot of time to get a real feel about the in-depth aspect of Overwatch the time given for the Open beta will allow all the fans that didnt have the chance to try it out for a few days and make up their minds if they will purchase the game.

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We witnessed a whole lot of changes, upgrades and tournaments for the few months that the game has been playable. Some of the major changes were taken after a 1 month shut down of the game and its relaunch in Feburary.

It is clear that Blizzard has intention to put this game on the top of the FPS market and in our eyes they are on the right path. Many known organizations have started to form their own teams and sponsor them around the competitive events. Some of the teams that managed to take the game to the next level and determine the metas in the early stage of it's development will continue to compete in the new official season.

Some team names worth mentioning are Reunited, IDDQD, Mixup, GoogleMe and more that were one of the main competitors for the top spots in the sponsored tournaments throughout the last few months.

The game started with a real bang. Hype was all around. The only problem at the start was the very little player base that it had. More and more people got invites for the closed beta testing and the community started growing.

Blizzard took a lot of steps towards satisfying the current players demand to make the game better for each of us. Some of the biggest implementations were the Progression system, cosmetic rewards (skins portraits and more) and the major balance changes of some of the heroes that were a little over or underpowered. We also witnessed the arrival of four heroes that were not initially released - Genji, Mei, D'Va and Soldier 76. A lot of the heroes were balanced in a big way - Bastion, Genji, Pharah, Torbjorn were among the few that had significant reworks.

Maps diversity has been increased incredibly. We are seeing a new map almost every month. We were also introduced to a new game mode - Control ( King of the Hill ) putting the total number to three game modes - Escort, Capture and Control.

The community started seeing the potential of the game and many know players from other FPSs arrived at the new battleground of Overwatch. Tournament base was formed and even some modest prizepools were formed for the winners. The competitive aspect of the game was obviously arising so Blizz took the game to a whole nother level with the Competitive mode that was introduced around a month ago.

Competitive Overwatch is what our company is formed around - Ovw rank boosting and coaching is our main service and everything revolves around that.

The official ranked ladder is made out of 5 different Tiers, 4 out of which with 5 subdivisions. The higher your skill gets, the higher you will be placed in the competitive ladder. Each player also has an extremely in-depth statistic menu where he/she can track the in-game performance and summerizes the strengths and weaknesses of each of us.

The competitive Overwatch was a must do for the game considering the path it has taken. The question was only - When? and What type? it will be. The system is simple and clean, representing each player skills with good accuracy.

For the ones that started off the seasons in a poor fashion there is no need to worry. The season rotation is currently announced at 1 month for each and will reset the rankings afterwards. We are not sure if the duration of the seasons will remain the same or not. Only time will tell.

Overall one of the most important things that we saw during this early stage of the game is that the developing company is really trying to create something special with Overwatch. The feedback of all the players was looked through, analyzed and a big portion of it served as a ground for changes that made Ovw better.

We expect only bright things from here on for the game. Hope you feel the same way too. We will see you on the battlegrounds in May! Best of luck to all.

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