Overwatch boosting - How the global leaderboard works

Overwatch boosting - How the global leaderboard works


Overwatch boosting - How the global leaderboard works

July 10 , 2016


The newly implemented Skill rating system proved to be one of the hardest ladders to climb in the gaming world. It’s not only challenging and requires a ton of skill to climb, it also evolves with time, making it impossible to rush to the top spots.

The current top spot after 2 weeks of grinding is 86 Skill rating and it has raised with only 4 skill points the last 5 days. Second and third place are at 84 SR and forth is at 82. There are only 150 players that are above 75 skill rating. This is a clear sign that the higher you go the harder it will be to continue grind up. This is due to the fact that not enough other players have reached that skill rating rank. Once more players hit the 80+ SR the climb will be easier for the top players at 83-84, but until that happens they will only win a small portion of skill rating for each win making it seemingly impossible to climb with anything lower than 85+% win rating. Let me remind you that this type of win ratio is almost impossible to get at the top levels of Overwatch. You won’t be facing competition that doesn’t know how to play and win, quite the opposite you will meet experienced pro and semi-pro player that can outplay almost anyone.

In their previous announcement Blizzard said there will be a Top 500 ladder beyond the 100 Skill rating. We are quite sure that this won’t be in action for this season. There won’t be more than 10-15 people that can reach that level for such a short amount of time if anyone even does. So if this ladder exists at the current stage of the game it won’t be filled for sure. However we have an information that the Top 500 rewards for Season 1 will be measured through the Global ranking leaderboards. In other words if you manage to get to the top 500 places you will be entitled to receive all the rewards that were meant for the top 500 ladder.

On the other side of the leaderboard! The lower skill rating community is forming quite fast. The spots below 30 are already taken. We are not exactly sure what the lowest SR is at the current state, but we know that there are a lot of players around and lower than 30. I guess it’s easier to lose and drop. Some people have a talent for that and it really shows.

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We’ll be honest here. We had a bumpy ride at the start of the official Season 1 and we admit that around 30% of our initial boosters were not fit for that job. We’ve learned that and we have taken drastic measures – we innovated our booster squad and limited the access of a few of the initial boosters that can now only play below the 50 SR.

We are on the right path now! Myboosting.com has always valued quality and we would never be satisfied with anything but the best. And we are 100% confident that we have the best players on the market working for us right now. We managed to get a few accounts above top 50 and one above top 20 in the Global ranking. That should say enough for what we can do at this stage. While our competitors are limiting their boosting service to 70 skill rating we are guaranteeing top 100 spot in the leaderboard without a problem.

We are also launching our new Promotion pack tomorrow with limited spots:
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No other company can give you anything similar to that. We work with the best of the best in the game and we are the one organization that can make your Overwatch wishes happen!

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