Overwatch champion guide - Lucio (Become the master DJ - in-depth how to play Lucio)

Overwatch champion guide - Lucio (Become the master DJ - in-depth how to play Lucio)


Overwatch champion guide - Lucio (Become the master DJ - in-depth how to play Lucio)

June 02 , 2016

LUCIO GUIDE - In depth analysis on how and when to play and dominate your games! (Lets move together as one!)

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Lucio Ability Overview Video

1. Introduction
2. Strengths and Weaknesses
3. Skills and Abilities
4. Auto attacking
5. How to use your abilities + combos
6. How to play Lucio strategically (in-depth)
7. How to improve your mechanics
8. Picks and counterpicks
9. Conclusion

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1. Introduction:

-Role - Support

-Difficulty -Easy to play but Difficult to master

-What the champion is good for - Lucio is a DJ and a Freedom vigilante, he is a healer and as such your main role is to keep your team and yourself alive. With his amazing area heal and speed boost, he is one of the most reliable supports in the game. Lucio is always extremely useful, no matter what map you are playing or what the enemy team composition is. He provides utility for the whole team unmatched by other characters. He can provide favourable situations for engaging, he can win a fight or simply make his team live much longer in almost any situation. Lucio is an easy hero to play, but has one of the highest skill caps in the game, so if you want to become a real master, you will need a lot of time and the ability to learn.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses (In-depth Lucio analysis)

- Strengths - Lucio's unique feature is that he can support his whole team at the same time, providing irreplaceable heals and speed boost. Along with these two auras that define him as a champion he has a few other tricks hidden in his skill set. Keep in mind that Overwatch is a control game and being able to reach the point faster is a huge advantage for your team.

His passive allows Lucio to play much more aggressive than the other supports in the competitive scene. He is an unpredictable hero in the hands of a good player and can surprise even the most experienced pros. The wallride passive is an amazing tool that is really hard to master but extremely rewarding if you do. His push ability (right click) gives him a killing edge on some maps and is a reliable escape and trapping tool.

- Weaknesses - He is relatively squishy (200HP), He is a priority target for most snipers and assasins, susceptible to burst damage, He is not the best at keeping a single target alive, but compensates with a full team support, His auto attacks are low damage and really hard to hit.

3. Skills (Abilities)

Wall Ride (Passive ability) - Jump onto a wall to ride along it.

Sonic Amplifier Ability - Lucio can hit his enemies with sonic projectiles or knock them back with a blast of sound.

Crossfade Ability - Lucio continuously energizes himself and nearby teammates with music. He can switch between two songs: one amplifies movement speed, while the other regenerates health.

Amp It Up Ability - Lucio increases the volume on his speakers, boosting the effects of his songs.

Sound Barrier (Ultimate ability) - Protective waves radiate out from Lúcio’s Sonic Amplifier, briefly providing him and nearby allies with personal shields.

4. Autoattacking

There is little you can do with Lucio simply by shooting. His primary weapon shots travel really slow and can be dodged easily, especially if he tries to shoot from long distance. The damage output is one of the lowest in the game. Combine that with the level of accuracy and prediction a player needs to have to do some significant damage with autos make him one of the weakest champions in that regards. However Lucio's unique skillset compensate for his flaws and if played correctly he can be as deadly as any offensive champ. For that you need to mix up all your abilities and coordinate your actions with your team.

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5. How to use your abilities + combos

Wallriding- this is the thing that most players struggle to master and therefor can not be as effective with Lucio. It is a really challenging technique to learn.

Wallride is Lucio's passive which lets him climb any plane surface and reach seemingly impossible places. With more practice you will start jumping from wall to wall making him look like as a DJ spiderman.

This passive is really the core of becoming better with this support hero. Using it constantly confuses the enemies, makes you extremely difficult to kill and at the same time gives you the chance to surprise anyone. Lucio is much better at killing people from low range and without a good wallride closing the distance is usually really hard. Your secondary auto (right mouse click) is a pushing ability which can help you get out of an unfavourable 1 v 1 / 1 v 2 situation. It can also be used to disrupt the enemy lines, to push someone of a cliff, or to get the enemy squishy in the hands of your teammates.

Your sound barrier (ult) is probably one of the best skills in the game in terms of teamfighting potential. Timing is essential for the impact of this ability since it gives your whole team (the ones around you) an 8 second massive shield that decays over time. If you put it on too early - the shield will have decayed, put it on too late - some of your allies might already be dead. This amazing skill give s huge edge in a teamfight making even the squishies teammates almost unkillable for a few seconds. A team fight can end in much less than 8 seconds but a proper timing is always important.

Constantly switch your Heal and Speed aura making the primary one the speed boost. If your team needs heal, because someone is getting low (or you are) switch back to healing and repeat that all the time when needed. By Amping it up you increase the amount of either healing or speeding for a short duration of time. If it's a start of a teamfight amp up the heal, if you want to run away or chase someone - amp up the speed. A good balance when switching the auras combined with the ultimate and your other abilities make this hero the most reliable, versatile and fun to play characters in Overwatch

6. How to play Lucio strategically (in-depth)

- General - The first thing you need to know is that Lucio is not a front liner so leave that job to the tanks. Stay a bit back and make full advantage of your auras. Wallriding as we said is a thing you want to do almost constantly, but staying close to your teammates is equally as important. If you manage to mix these 2 up in a situation that is optimal. You want to fight - you are a teamfighting monster, not because you are amazing at damaging but because you give your full team an edge in each moment. There is a time when you want to join the big action and start searching for kills yourself. Knocking back the enemies and fighting the squishies from close range (Widowmaker, Hanzo, Zenyatta etc.) will force them to run. If you are slippery enough and move properly you wont even get damaged and still disrupt their game. Every little bit of advantage in Overwatch counts. Positioning and movement is key for Lucio's success in each game.

- Payload maps (attack & defense) - Lucio is amazing at payload maps specifically because they require time to progress with the objective. Lucio is not a burst healer so giving him a bit more time to fully top up his teammates HP bars always helps. Speeding up is also essential at Payload maps since the fighting environment is constantly changing and a lot of chases and escaping is required. Payload maps are usually highly focused on coordinated teamfights. If your team goes in at the same time the chances of success increase significantly, although be careful how well the enemies are prepared for your attack - you might want to take it easy in some situations and progress slowly. Lucio is a beast at starting and sustaining in a team fight so these type of maps are quite suitable for him. The same goes for Capture maps.

- Control maps - Control revolves around numerous little and bigger skirmishes, non stop fighting and a lot of chaos. Lucio is not optimal for these type of maps, but his attribution is always important. Actually a really often thing to see in competitive team tournaments is a double Lucio teamcomp, so that even if you lose one you will have one more to support the team and because the fights are spreading out quite fast you will have a bigger area to cover with your auras and your sound barriers. A double Lucio means double healing, double speed boost and DAMN - double sound barrier! Well GG enemies :)

7.Improving your Lucio mechanics

Start by learning how to wallride. Start jumping from wall to wall and get to the highest places you can. Stay climbing for as long as you can - you can do that in practice mode ( best ).

Start switching your auras and always look what your team needs more - heal of speed.

Practice your aim - it's really hard because you want to predict the movement of the enemies. You cant just shoot at where they stand.

Think about your Secondary weapon - the sonic amplifier - use it wisely either for killing, escaping or disrupting.

Time your ultimates - that means you want to keep track of what your team is doing, are they ready to go in? Do they need to regroup ? Where is the best place to push from etc.

Constantly move and relocate. Constantly climb walls and surprise the enemies.

When you get close to an enemy use your Melee attack whenever you can.

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8. When to pick Lucio

Picking Lucio is a good choice of almost any game. He synergizes with everyone and has no real counter picks. He is a reliable support that will have impact in any game, no matter how good you are playing him.

A teamcompsition in the high level tournaments quite often has 2 Lucios in a team, so consider that as an option for your match.

9. Conclusion

Lucio is a support that will always attribute in any game. He doesn't require much skill to be useful, but if you want to actually carry with him you will need a lot of time. His skillset makes him one of the highest (if not the highest) skill cap champion in Overwatch. If you find good balance between positioning, movement and timing your skills you can have great success and loads of fun playing this hero.

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