Overwatch champion guide - Soldier 76 (how to play in-depth)

Overwatch champion guide - Soldier 76 (how to play in-depth)


Overwatch champion guide - Soldier 76 (how to play in-depth)

May 18 , 2016

SOLDIER 76 GUIDE - In depth analysis on how and when to play and dominate your games! (We are all soldiers now!)

1. Introduction
2. Strengths and Weaknesses
3. Skills and Abilities
4. Auto attacking
5. How to use your abilities + combos
6. How to play Soldier 76 strategically (in-depth)
7. How to improve your mechanics
8. Picks and counterpicks
9. How to play against a good Soldier 76
10. Conclusion

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- Role - Offense

- Difficulty - Medium

- What is he good at - Soldier 76 is the type of champion that is know from almost all other FPS games. Unlike most other characters in Overwatch he doesn't have any super flashy abilities. He is a pretty straight "shoot to kill" type of hero that excels at situations where he avoids being in the focus of the enemies. The more you live with him the more damage output you will be able to provide and eventually turn the fight/match in your favour. He is a versatile pick and can fit in almost any team composition and can fight against almost all enemies. Equally good as attacker and defender he is one of the current top picks in Overwatch. Soldier 76 deserves his place in our Overwatch champion tier list with his capability to solo carry games! After all there is a reason why he is Myboosting's Overwatch boosting site poster boy!

- When to pick/not pick - Picking him usually means that your team needs a reliable, constant damage output. Consider another champion if your composition has enough offensive power, but lacks tank, disruptive champions or a reliable support.

2.Strengths and Weaknesses (in-depth Soldier 76 analysis)

- Strengths - Overwatch is filled with unique heroes, each of them with it's own flavour and powers. Soldier 76 is an extremely powerful in the hands of a good player. He is a highly contested pick both on solo and team competitive level. His versatility makes him a flexible pick in almost every teamcomp. If you first pick him - you cant go wrong with that. His auto attacks are deadly with a proper aim. His secondary weapon - helix rocket can one shot a number of the squishier champions. With good strategy you can almost always figure out how to flank and disrupt the enemy team from safe distance, giving time to your team to do their part of the job. His E provides self-healing which combined with good positioning makes him almost unkillable in prolonged teamfights.

- Weaknesses - If you don't have good aim you will not attribute much. If you are too ballsy and like going in too deep you are most likely to die without significant impact. Some heroes can 1 v 1 him in close fights (tanks) and others can outrange him on larger maps (Widowmaker, Hanzo). Soldier 76 is a generic hero, known in many other games and therefor predictable in many situations. Thinking outside of the box can be useful sometimes, but in other cases figuring out a way to surprise the enemies can be quite the task.

3.Skills (Abilities)

Heavy Pulse Rifle - Soldier: 76’s rifle remains particularly steady while unloading fully-automatic pulse fire.

Helix Rocket -Tiny rockets spiral out of Soldier: 76’s Pulse Rifle in a single burst. The rockets’ explosion damages enemies in a small radius.

Sprint - Whether he needs to evade a firefight or get back into one, Soldier: 76 can rush ahead in a burst of speed. His sprint ends if he takes an action other than charging forward.

Biotic Field - Soldier: 76 plants a biotic emitter on the ground. Its energy projection restores health to 76 and any of his squadmates within the field.

Tactical Visor (Ultimate ability) - Soldier: 76’s pinpoint targeting visor “locks” his aim on the threat closest to his crosshairs. If an enemy leaves his line of sight, Soldier: 76 can quickly switch to another target.

4.Auto attacking

Don't hold your left mouse button constantly. Shoot on short successions for better aim and higher damage. Your weapon is extremely accurate and there is almost no delay on hitting your shots. Don't try to shoot the body of the enemies when you use the Helix rocket, instead aim for the ground or a near terrain for better chances to hit (Like Pharah Rockets)

5.How to use your abilities + combos

soldier 76 champion guide

First of all you need to always be on the move. Staying at one place for longer period of time will most likely get you killed. Always use your Sprint to change location or to get faster to a point / fight. Your team needs your damage in most cases so try to stay healthy. Use your Helix rocket on cooldown when you see a squishier target. Avoid aiming for tanks if they are not a threat for your life. Your ULT is a real aimbot (quite unfair yes) that can give you a massive kill spree in a few seconds. It's really a game changing ability if used on the right place and time. You will see many "Play of the game" situations presenting this "High skill" ability in action XD!

6. How to play Soldier 76 strategically (in-depth)

- Payload maps (attack & defense) - Payload maps revolve around movement and ability to fight in a constantly changing environment. Some places are better suited for the attackers, while other are like a well protected fortress. Soldier 76 excels at these type of maps. His skillset is made for constant movement and flanking which makes the Escort mode a battleground that he shines bright. Attacking with him is usually an easy thing to do if you have a good frontline to soak a bit of the incoming damage and disrupt the enemy lines. If you find opponents out of position they are an easy target for your hero of choice. Soldier 76 can be on the escorting squad in many situations, but we recommend you to leave this job to your team and focus on positioning around corners, flanking and taking a surprising angle from which you can devastate the enemy team.

- Capture maps (attack & defense) - Caputure maps are a little bit more tricky for this character. Although he is suited for them also there are other heroes that can fill in the missing parts of your team composition. However if you decide to go with the Soldier as attack dont be the one to rush in first. Poke your enemies from distance and slowly make your way towards the objective, let the tanks do their job and make a way towards the point of desire. Having a reliable support such as Mercy or Lucio around you can vertually make you unkillable if the enemies positions are not well protected. Always search for the soft spot in the enemy defense lines and go towards that path. Think outside of the box and make your progress further in count. As a defense you want to get a good corner and protect mostly one entrance. Switching your position to see what's happening on the other parts of the area can be a bad choice especially against a good Widowmaker or Hanzo. Despite the said you want to move occasionally to different locations, but make sure your way there is as safe as possible. Avoid the big gates and patch that are guarded by champions like Reinhardt or Winsons, the shields are one of the little things that can partially counter you champion of choice.

- Control maps - Control maps are full of action and literary non-stop fighting. You are a Soldier - you are the man fit best to fight. Controlling an objective for a period of time though can be a challenge, retaking it also. However you are a man on a mission! Your role here is to make the enemy squishies think twice where to go, how to act and what to do next. If you manage your way around that you are most likely to find success. Control is in our opinion the most teambased mode so you want to interact with your teammates. Don't go solo, or at least time your flanks with the attack of your team. This will prove to be one of the best things you do in a match.

7.How to improve your mechanics

o Basic mechanics you need to know / master

As said before - Autoattacking with Soldier 76 is harder than it seems. If you press and hold the left mouse button you are doing things wrong. The better way to do it is with short successions of 3-5 bullets and instantly repeat. You will see that your crosshair is not spreading too much or in other words your aim is now more accurate.

o Advanced mechanics you need to know / master

Your E skill is not just for you. You can use that to help your allies in a difficult situation. You don't want to go too deep to help a fellow, but if things settle you can go help the poor guy.

Helix rocket is a high damage weapon that you can use to hit squishier targets and make them pay for their aggression. In a teamfight though do not just look for a squishy, use your secondary weapon on cooldown. Your overall damage is an important factor, so even if you hit a tank with it you are attributing to the overall success.

o Pro mechanics you need to know / master

Shooting is probably the hardest thing to learn, but it really is what will make you a great soldier. Aiming is a mechanic that wins fights and games with this character.

You can use your Helix rocket as a Jump buffer. Hitting the ground with your rocket instantly after you jump will make the distance you pass longer. You can get to some seemingly unreachable places using that combination. Some harder jumps require you to Sprint+Jump+Helix rocket the ground to get to the place you want. Many players don't know about that so you can give them a big surprise party. This mechanic is also useful to get out of sticky situations or to make a great rush on the squishies on the upper floor !

Always stay on the move and use your sprint! Don't be the guy that just stands and stalks, that's a Widowmaker thing. You are a constant damage output hero and you need to prove you are worthy to wear your uniform.

Different maps - different locations you want to focus on. Sometimes you will be forced to go on a flanking mission, that counts especailly if your team can not rush in through the enemy defenses. Figure out where and how to make full use of your guy. If you flank and start hitting, the enemies focus will instantly turn towards you, giving your team room to take action and conquer a path/objective. When the focus switches towards you find a near location for a second or two to heal up and repeat the action. If you see the tanks rushing towards you - run bank a bit and join your team if the enemies continue chasing you.Your job is done since your team should have done their job by now thanks to your strategical play!

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8.Picks and counterpicks

Pick Soldier when you need reliable damage and a teamfighting force. If the enemies are full of tankier champs, consider switching to someone else.

Soldier is countered by different champions on different maps, but in general he struggles mostly against shield champs like Reinhardt, Winston, Zarya even an occasional D.Va.

Example teamcomp where Soldier will fit looks like that, but can be good in a thousand different ways:

Reinhardt, Zarya, Tracer, Lucio, Zenyata, Soldier - here you virtually have everything you need - massive frontline, healers on the back and enough damage to do the job!

9. Playing against a good Soldier 76

We've all had that bitter taste when an enemy soldier just kills us over and over again. That is due mostly to experience and following the advises above. If you meet such a player in your games, you can outplay him in a few ways. There are heroes that are fit for rushing in and diving - Winston/Zarya/Roadhog. If you get one of these and you already know that Soldier is good focus on getting to him first and destroy him. You will see how much easier the game flow will be after that. If you force a soldier to fall back all the time because he is intimidated he wont be able to provide the thing he is made for - damage. In some situations a good Tracer and McCree can certainly outplay a Soldier 76. Also consider Hanzo, Widowmaker, Mei and Zenyata as possible counterpicks!


This Soldier 76 guide give a well rounded information about how to play the hero. A million situations can arise that are not described in here, but if you get experienced with the champion you will instantly know what to do. Soldier 76 is one of the deadliest characters and a current highly contested pick both in solo and team competitive play. Consider playing this champion on a regular basis and you might find the medicine you were searching for. Climbing the ladder with him is not that hard since he doesnt require a massive amount of skill to be useful!

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Check out our Overwatch champion tier list regularly to stay up to date with what and when to play! You can find a hero guide for each character you like and improve significantly for your next games!

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