August 12 , 2016

ZENYATTA GUIDE - In depth analysis on how and when to play Zenyatta (Make defeat and impossibility!)

1. Introduction
2. Strengths and Weaknesses
3. Skills and Abilities
4. Shooting
5. How to use your abilities + combos
6. How to play Zenyatta strategically (in-depth)
7. How to improve your mechanics
8. Picks and counterpicks
9. How to play against a good Zenyatta
10. Conclusion

Zenyatta guide - overwatch
1. Introduction

Role – Support

Difficulty - Hard

Zenyatta is not your typical support. Your main goal is to buff your teammates and debuff enemy’s hero but you can do tons of damage and save your team from big ultimates like Death Blossom, Graviton Surge, Dragonblade and others. Very good pick for almost every map, versatile. There’s virtually no reason why you shouldn’t pick Zenyatta in your team. This is the reason he’s such hot pick in the current meta.

2. Strengths and Weaknesses

Pros: Zenyatta can shred through all of the other heroes while keeping your teammates healthy and protected. As addition Zen has insane self-sustain with 150 shield (3/4 of his HP pool). Very good at both attacking and defending. Orb of discord makes enemy tanks weak and easy to burst down. Orb of harmony on flankers makes the enemy’s supports life hell. No damage falloff, very fast projectiles, insane damage and one of the best ultimates in the game (Transcendence).

Cons: You need to see your teammates or orb of harmony will disappear in 3 seconds. Lack of mobility and easy target for flankers and long range shooters. Susceptible to nukes.

3. Skills and abilities

Orb of Destruction (left mouse button) – The name says it all here. 40 damage per hit, no damage falloff, 2.5 attacks per second for a total of 100dmg. (200dmg. – 3 headshots). It takes some time to get used to the attacks of Zenyatta but once you’re there you will be surprised by the damage output.

Orb of Destruction (left mouse button) – Zenyatta gathers power for a few seconds and fires simultaneously, up to 5 orbs, which takes 3.5sec.

Orb of Harmony (Left Shift) – Zenyatta casts an orb on a targeted ally. It heals 30 health per second and stays on the target as long as your ally is in line of sight, you’re alive or you cast it on other hero.

Orb of Discord (E) – Similar to your Orb of Harmony you can cast this orb on a targeted hero but this time on enemies only. The enemy hero is marked and he/she takes 50% bonus dmg. The orb can be casted on one enemy only and will disappear if you cast it on other hero or the target is out of sight for 3 seconds.

Transcedence (ultimate) – Zenyatta becomes invulnerable, heals 300 health per second in 10m. radius, gets bonus movespeed and better vision but you can not use your other abilities.


Attack all the time. There’s no recoil and you can be considered as 3rd or 4th damage dealer in your team. The projectile speed on your attacks is very high and there’s just little delay, but it is useful to predict movement when shooting from longer range. Use your right-mouse button only when you’re behind a wall/corner and you want to surprise the enemy with high-burst damage. Although the right-mouse attacks are powerful, if you don’t hit 1 you will most likely miss all, so keep it simple and spam mostly your LMB ;)

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5.How to use your abilities + combos

First of all you need to always be on the move. Staying at one place for longer period of time will most likely get you killed.

Use your Discord orb when you want to kill a priority target. It is very useful if your focus the frontline tanks (Roadhog/Winston etc.) with it. This will allow you and your team to get rid of the tankier champions much faster and focus on finishing the job by switching to the backline after that. If you are able to nuke a carry though, that should be your first choice.

Harmony orb is a skill that needs to be constantly switched between your teammates, a good Zenyatta will always find a good position to heal her teammates. It’s not a massive burst of heal, and it’s only for one person but when you switch it constantly you can keep a bigger part of your team healthy in a teamfight.

A mechanically skilled Zen player will always be on the move, trying to stay in the backline while spamming discord and harmony orb over and over while providing useful damage for his team.

Your Ultimate is a gamechanger. One of the few things that can actually counter a Zarya ult + follow, Genji ult or a Reaper ult for example. The massive amounts of heal per second makes your team almost unkillable for it’s duration. Use it wisely though since it has a long cooldown and if it’s used in a predictable way the enemies can just fall back and wait it out, making it literally useless. Keep in mind you are invulnerably for its duration, but at the end of it you want to still be in a safe position where you can get back to doing what you did before the usage of the ultimate.

6. How to play Zenyatta strategically (in-depth)

Payload maps (attack and defense) – A good Zenyatta player loves payload maps. Long distances, easier to track all of your teammates and enemies, nice places to hide – highgrounds when defending, roaming around the payload when attacking. It is harder to get backstabbed on payload maps, which negates one of the weaknesses of this champion. Try to stand in the back of your team, don’t flank, use orb of discord on the enemy front liners, assist with healing as much as possible. Orb of harmony on your tank while attacking makes him/her really hard to kill. Positioning is vital for your success. You do not want to be in the front, or anywhere near the core of the action. Your job is to be backline support. The one real task that comes with that is if the enemy team has good flankers that can focus you regardless of your frontline. In such cases you need to be very weary of where the enemies might come from and be prepared to either shoot that direction or run towards your team for help.

Capture maps – A bit tricky for a defending Zenyatta but much easier as attacker. If you are defending try to stay closer to your tanks, always watch for a flanking Genji, Tracer, or a Reaper on the first point. At the second point you’re God with your ult due to smaller area where you have to fight. When attacking use discord on enemy’s tanks, heal your tanks and try to snipe mid-long ranged defenders. If you have ulti ready don’t rush with it instead try to wait to reach the point. Use it where you’ll be healing all of your teammates. A well known defending pick is Torbjorn and Bastion (depending on the Skill rating you play at). Zenyatta is really good against low mobility/static champions like these. Charging your RMB will allow you to nuke these heroes quite often and make them almost useless.

Control maps – These are the hardest maps for a Zenyatta player. You have to look around all the time, avoid close fights which is a bit tricky on control maps. Don’t try to rush the point, stay away from it and go closer only with ult. You have long range – use it. Specifics for maps with ground objective points:

Nepal – shrine: If you’re in control of the point and the enemy team is pushed back go on the point. The high-ground advantage here is really in your favor.

Nepal – sanctum: Going on the objective point here is not a good idea. Go there only with ulti to help your teammates.

Nepal – village: rushing through mid with your teammates looks good but you have to be very careful.

Ilios maps – Oh yeah baby. Wide open areas, long distances, small objective points where you can shine with your heals, discord orb and ult. Ilios is probably the best control map for this hero.

Lijiang tower maps – Opposite of Ilios. Hard maps but if you play your cards right you’ll be the most important champion on the battlefield. You need to kill your enemies before going on the point. If both teams rush try to stay behind and don’t go in with your teammates.

7.How to improve your mechanics

o Basic mechanics you need to know / master

First thing you want to focus on when learning Zenyatta is effective switching of your orb skills from target to target. Find out your ability range and start practicing constant switching. If you start getting the hang of it you will increase your attribution significantly.
The orbs are usually directed towards the target closer to your cursor, but in a melee it is quite hard to actually hit the target you want to. This requires hours of practice in order to master it on a high level. Although this is a basic mechanic to learn because without it you are virtually a no impacter it is quite hard to learn on a master level. This is why Zenyatta is a high-skill / high-reward type of champion.

o Advanced mechanics you need to know / master

Your second main task in order to find success is your positioning. You are one of the main targets that enemies will want to focus before a team fight starts, or even when it’s evolving. Finding good location to do your job in most maps is a tricky thing to do, but If you manage to consistently locate yourself at safe places you will start winning much more. You need to constantly move while keeping distance from the main things that can kill you. If the enemies have a good Mccree, Widow, Hanzo you are in a big trouble and staying next to walls will be your better option.

o Pro mechanics you need to know / master

To become a real Zenyatta main-pro-god player you will need to dedicate a lot of hours to that hero. You need to click a gazillion buttons in a very short period of time and I don’t mean in a random spam way. You want to become one with the character you are playing and know your limits at each situation. Left shift, E, Movement and shooting properly is challenging but necessary. To get good at that you want to find types of combos that you can do often. A pro Zenyatta knows that if you go a bit further in and you are dead, a bit further out and you wont be able to do anything either.

Zenyatta is a champion that has the potential to make sick plays and be creative all the time. Finding a way to expertly play this hero can have a different directions:

Zenyatta playstyles:

Aggressive Zen players are more about the damage and the capability to nuke and kill enemies. They take more risks, relying on their mechanical advantage. The supporting part is there, but just a bit minimized. To go the agro way you really want to be proficient at shooting, moving and focusing the correct targets. Missing too many shots will get you killed almost everytime so this type of playstyle is recommended only for the sharpshooters and mechanically solid players. An aggressive zenyatta is more of a carry champion than anything else.

Passive/ support Zen is the other way to go and probably the one fitting most players. To play that way the written above in the guide is in full force. Positioning, constant switching of your orbs and long range attacking is what you need to do. Your ultimate is the one thing that should make you move deeper into the fighting grounds.

Our recommendation is to create a mixture of those two styles and choosing which one to use in a certain game should be based on what your team needs/lacks. If you want more damage output for your teamcomp taking a few risk plays might pay off, but it can also backfire. If you feel stable at playing only one way just stick to it and don’t experiment too much.

8.Picks and counterpicks

In the current meta of the game (late season 1) Zenyatta is a must pick. Together with Lucio they are the support duo that each team wants to have. Reliable AOE heals (Lucio) + larger solo heals (Zen) make a reliable, supremely hard to kill team. You and your mates can live forever if you play your cards right.

Zenyatta is so good in a double support composition because besides her immense global contribution she has a significantly higher damage output than all the other supports.

Zenyatta counters: Zarya ult combos, Reaper, Bastion, Torbjorn, Roadhog, Winston.

Zenyatta is countered by: Genji, Mccree, Widow, Hanzo,

Example teamcomp where this hero will fit perfectly:

D.Va, Zarya, Lucio, Zenyatta, Mccree, Genji/Pharah - here you virtually have everything you need - massive frontline, healers on the back and enough damage to dominate in the teamfights. The synergy between these heroes is also amazing!


9. Playing against a good Zenyatta

The most annoying Zenyattas are the ones that can actually kill you (good aim). However you are going to encounter these less often than the more support based ones. Zenyatta needs to be killed early, preferably before the fighting starts. Get a flanker or a long range killer that will eliminate this hero. If you figure out a way to pressure the Zen and make her run far back you’ve done the bigger part of your job. Keep in mind that if the enemy Zen is good he will stay in the backline and getting close to him will be tricky so creativity might come in hand in such situations. Zenyatta’s passive shield recharges quite fast so killing her in one/two quick successions is the best way to go.


A thousand situations might arise that are not included into this Zenyatta guide, but one thing is for sure. He is a High skill cap champion that can win a game solo. Despite being in the support graph if you want to be really successful with this champion you will need to have mechanical advantage that is usually required for the Offensive roles. Positioning, fast reflexes, good shooting and constant awareness of the game are a must for a player that wants to master Zen. If you manage to achieve these you can be one of the devastating forces in your matches.

Hope you guys liked our Overwatch Zenyatta guide! Please like / share on the social networks to help other players find their style.

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