Overwatch coaching? You are at the right place! Improve and conquer!

Overwatch coaching? You are at the right place! Improve and conquer!


Overwatch coaching? You are at the right place! Improve and conquer!

June 10 , 2016


With the start of the first ranked season in Overwatch we know that a lot of players out there search for a way to become better. The few Overwatch coaches that we selected so far posses the ability to teach you about the game in-depth.

A single Overwatch coaching session can prove useful for many players. We structure the hours so that you can learn the most in the shortest amount of time. If you already know what you are good and bad at we will straight up focus on that. If you not know your weaknesses our Ow coaches will first focus on analyzing your game and search for the places where you make errors. The first step in a well rounded coaching session is always to find what to work on. From there on the process is pretty straight forward, but differs according to each client's needs. For example if you lack game knowledge the session will be concentrated on the theoretical part of the game - how to look on each match, what approach to take, how to improve your strategies and so on. If you are already familiar with the game, but lack the mechanical level we will focus on practicing exactly what you need.

We don't only fix the weak spots in a player! We also amplify your strengths. Each player is unique at what he is good at. We can guide you through this process and give you the best advice on what to start practicing more. We can also tell you what roles and champions are best for your current mechanical and experience level so that you can find success in your future matches.

Myboosting is currently trying a number of different players some of which show real promise in the game. We will have professional Overwatch coaches that are masters of certain aspects of the games and such that are well-rounded in everything.

We intend to separate the coaches into a few main categories, so that our customers can find the one that they think will help them the most.

The division will be as follow:

- Overwatch Offense champion coaches

- Overwatch Defense champion coaches

- Overwatch Tank champion coaches

- Overwatch Support champion coaches

- Overwatch coaches for specific heroes

- Overwatch coaches for game knowledge

We already have a few selected for some of the roles, but with a game so young we are yet to fill the places for each of them. This will happen quite soon though.

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We are a website that performs on a top level with everything that we start. That is one of the main reasons why we don't provide boosting and coaching service for a billion games. We want to keep the pool smaller and when we are completely confident that we can move to another platform we act. Our organization doesn't intend to add new games in the next few months, but we will most certainly be doing so in the future. We value quality and we want to make everything perfect for our current services.

We will be launching a promotion pack with 10 hours of Overwatch coaching today. So that is a real nice option for the ones that want to improve their skill big time.

You can also select your coach and the amount of hours that you feel will help you enough.

You can always start small with 1-2 hours to see if you like the way we teach you the game. After that the choice is all yours if you want to continue or not.

What we can guarantee here is that you will get the best treatment and the most professional approach you can find on the market. If you are not satisfied with the results we are ready to compensate!

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our Overwatch coaching service! Try us out and you'll see it is worth it!

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