Overwatch Competitive Capture the flag boosting and rewards

Overwatch Competitive Capture the flag boosting and rewards


Overwatch Competitive Capture the flag boosting and rewards

February 09 , 2018


On 8th February Blizzard launched it's Lunar New year (Year of the dog) event. Same as last year all players will have the chance to play in a 6 v 6 Capture the Flag game mode. There are a few changes with significant impact on the game mode.

A COMPETITIVE LADDER FOR CAPTURE THE FLAG was announced. Although it is not active yet we presume that it will be in the next 24 hours. Players will grind the Skill rating markers and battle for the amazing Top500 spray and player icon reward. It is yet unknown what the current skill markers are or how high you will need to get to the top500 spots.

This game mode has a specific season duration - 1 months. It is shorter than a regular season, but longer than what it was last year. With dedication and a good team everyone will have time to get to the spot that he deserves.

A new map was created purely for the event - Ayutthaya. Gameplay improvements and balance changes are live and active. It is certain that the most impactful change is the fact that Jump, Dash, Sprint abilities make you drop the Flag if you were it's carrier. This makes champions like Tracer and Winston more balanced and not necessary a must pick as it was previously.

To win your CTF games you will need a good balance between defense and offense. It is equally important to guard your own flag and capture and escort the enemy flag to your base. Of course without scoring you will not be able to end with the Victory sign, however this year Draw games do not exist, which makes it even more exciting and rewarding to play and improve your skills.

With the last patch we were also introduced to a massive amount of new skins and cosmetics. Certainly the Mercy and Genji players will like the new looks of their favorite champions.



By participating in Season 2 of the Lunar New year event and completing your placement matches you will earn the following:

Player icon, spray and competitive points

By being dominant in the game and ending within the TOP500 leaderboards you will be rewarded the prestigious:

Animated Player icon and Spray.

The game duration is a less then a normal game of Competitive Overwatch, but it is just as thrilling. Find your inner strength and earn your rewards. And if you find any issues achieving your goals our Overwatch boosting services are at your disposal 24/7. We guarantee that you will get everything you want.

We provide COMPETITIVE CAPTURE THE FLAG BOOSTING services in the form of:

- Skill rating boost
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- Placement games
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