Overwatch competitive (ranked) play preview (updated)

Overwatch competitive (ranked) play preview (updated)


Overwatch competitive (ranked) play preview (updated)

April 12 , 2016

INTRO (Article updated for Season 1 with the Skill rating changes)

Myboosting.com target service ( Overwatch boosting ) is in direct relation to the competitive Overwatch play. We are a company that provides skilled players to the ones that need assistance climbing the official ranked ladder, want to improve their ingame skills and be better then the rest of the players. We have initiated our first stage of developing a solid system that will provide the best Overwatch boost options on the market. First and most importantly we have started our top tier booster recruitment.

Competitive Ovw was introduced a few days back with the last patch update and gives a basic information of what the future full system will look like and mostly what the foundation will be.

The ranked play will consist of seasons that will reset according to the initial info at the start of each three month and the progression will start all over for everyone again. The seasons will last 2 and a half months approximately with two weeks break. They will mirror the season changes and will be named Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter seasons. All competitors will start their ranked season with 10 placement games. The performance in them will determine their Skill rating standing. There will be no Tiers and Divisions as we expected previously.

The new system is going to measure your skill in a scale from 1 to 100 (100 being the highest skill rating). Above that there is a separate ladder of the top 500 players, a place where only the best of the best will be competing. Earning a single skill rating point can take a different amount of wins (from 1 to 7) depending on a number of things. The MMR difference between the teams, your performance in the game and other factors such as winning/losing streak. The new ranking system is much harder than the one we expected before. This is a good thing since each of the competitive players wants to have something to look up to. The more you win the higher you get - that's basically how each competitive system works.

In addition a new Golden gun reward system has been announce. You can check the information for these new visual rewards in our upcoming articles.

The ranked match format is similar but extended version of the quick match play. On the payload and capture point maps you get best out of 2 on the same map if you end up 1 - 1 (Defense and Attack) you will get to play a 3rd round - sudden death which is going to be played at the same map. The control maps are best out of 5.

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We are constructing our Ovw boosting service currently and we are implementing the current system options on our site. The developers said that there will most probably be changes in the future or additional options which we will also include as services on Myboosting.com

We are one of the first websites to offer Overwatch boost and we intend to be the best at what we do. Our Heroes of the storm boost service is going great and the number of satisfied clients is growing daily.

You have the option to queue in competitive alone and with a group of friends up to 6 players in a team and you will be matched against a team of similar party size which is great but gives the experienced teams a bit of an edge when it comes to fast grinding the ladder.

Myboosting.com Overwatch boosting will offer both Piloted ( requires logging onto your account) boost service and a duoqueue boosting option that will be with number of boosters that you want to play with from 1 to 5.

We will also offer Overwatch coaching for the ones that want to improve their ingame mechanics, overall knowledge and skill.


The game is amazing and bringing the competitive play in action just makes it so much more interesting. The ones that want to battle for ranks will have the chance to prove that they are better than the others. The top tier players usually have a chance to compete in world tournaments and big events. The future for competitive Overwatch looks really bright. Many top players from other games are changing their game of choice and coming to the new Blizzard FPS. A lot of known and unknown companies are starting to set up their teams and to support them so if you are an exceedingly good player you have a solid chance to earn some money while playing your favourite game - either by joining an organization or our site's boosting squad.

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