Overwatch competitive season 11 boosting. Top 500 changes.

Overwatch competitive season 11 boosting. Top 500 changes.


Overwatch competitive season 11 boosting. Top 500 changes.

June 29 , 2018


As one of the highest rated Overwatch boosting services on the market we would like to inform you about some of the upcoming new features in the 11th competitive circle.

Starting of the new season will again begin with 10 Placement games for each player. This season we will be able to use the new "Find a team" function that was released at the end of S10, so our chances to get good win rate increase by a small margin. Ofcourse the Looking for group feature is a bit of a two edged knife, especially with the Private Profiles feature, where you can not actually see the majority of other competitors have played in the past. However it is a nice new addition that might help us find suitable allies.

Playing in the upcoming season, Blizzard will award 65 competitive points for players that end in Bronze, 125 for players in Silver, 250 for Gold, 500 for Platinum, 750 for Diamond, 1,200 for Master, and 1,750 for Grandmaster.

The new thematic map that is also represented in the Seasonal awards - Spray and Player icon for Season 11 is yet to be revealed.

However there are bigger changes that certainly need to be mentioned.

A new champion was leaked a day ago - Hammond The Hamster. No jokes :D

Watch the intro video of the new hero HERE.

A bunch of balance changes will take place which might bring the end of the current meta as we know it. Is that a good or bad news? We think that the Shield / Briggette meta was slowing down the game in general so it's best to see champions like McCree and Tracer back into the Tier 1 meta champions. DPS players will certainly favor the balance changes, while tanks and supports might not.



A major change to top500 will shape a new way to determine the peak players and accounts in this prestigious tier.

Blizzard announced an OBLIGATORY sms protection to be enabled in order to be eligible for a top 500 spot. What does that mean in short:

A single mobile number can be linked to only 1 blizzard account. So if you are a Multiple top500 player with only 1 mobile number, only 1 of your accounts will actually be eligible to get inside the top tier and earn the end of season rewards that come with it. If you want to have more accounts inside top500 you will need to have multiple mobile numbers, each of which has to be linked to a different Bnet account.

This announcement surprised us most probably more than you guys. However, after thinking over the idea behind this change it certainly has a good cause.

Currently lets say 200-250 players are actually occupying the Top500 spots. There are players with multiple smurfs and that really makes the Top500 more like Top200 ladder. With this change Blizzard is aiming to put more People inside the elite, instead of more Accounts. With that being said it is quite likely that the Skill rating mark to hit and maintain the top500 rank will drop by a margin.

It's quite likely that the new season will bring more new features such as Maps, Game modes and more.

The official LAUNCH of season 11 is:
June 30 at 5pm PST/8pm EST. That’s July 1 at 1am BST for players from the UK.

The circle will last a little under 2 months as normal. Best of luck to all the competitors!

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