Overwatch competitive season 2 - The new rank system!

Overwatch competitive season 2 - The new rank system!


Overwatch competitive season 2 - The new rank system!

August 20 , 2016


Overwatch's director Jeff Kaplan came out with a video explaining some of the new features that we will see in Overwatch.

Overwatch competitive season 1 was a blast! We had the pleasure to grind the ladder on numerous occasions and we really enjoyed everything that was happening in the game. For the new season the developers are making the game even better in terms of competition, ranking system and player experience.

The biggest change to come is the Skill rating ranking. While in S1 our performance was measured on a scale from 1 to 100 Skill rating the new one will be extending that from 1 - 5000 Skill rating. Each player will earn and lose whole numbers instead of fractions of a point. As addition to that Overwatch will also have Competitive tiers that will represent your highest achieved skill rating. It's important to note that if you manage to climb to the upper tier and drop from it in the future you will still remain a player of the highest tier achieved. That rule does not apply only to the two top tiers - Master and Grand Master. The tiers will be as it follows:

Skill rating scale 1-5000

Bronze - 1-1499

Silver - 1500-1999

Gold - 2000-2499

Platinum - 2500-2999

Diamond - 3000-3499

Master - 3500-3999

Grandmaster - 4000-5000

For each higher tier you achieve you will get better rewards for the end of season 2.

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In the top 2 tiers if you are inactive for more then 7 days you will lose 50 SR per day and you can drop to the lower tiers up to a cap of 3000 SR. Also if you are in the Top 500 ladder and stay inactive for more than 7 days you will instantly drop out of the top 500 after that period. 1 game can stop the decay, regardless of it being a Win or a Loss.

Another big change is the virtual removal of Sudden death in competitive play. The players stated that they really don't like the coin toss and it was obvious that one of the teams was getting a bit of an edge when it comes to that. The new thing in Overwatch is that besides Winning and Losing now your games can end up with a Draw for which you will still earn points, but much less than if you were victorious.

The Overwatch competitive points are multiplied by 10. So a golden gun now costs 3000 CP instead of 300, but you win 10x more for your wins (10 CP) and 3x more for a draw (3 CP). There is a limit you can reach for competitive points in your account which is set at 6000, after that you will not gain more points. However with the end of season rewards you will be able to surpass that maximum.

The restriction for getting in a party with your friends / teammates is something that a lot of people were complaining about. In season 2 you will be able to party and play with players that are at maximum +/- 500 Skill rating than you. (EDITED - 500 SR restriction in Master and Grand master, 1000 SR restriction for Diamond and lower). This is due to the system abuse that we all saw in Season 1 - players of 70+ Skill rating partying up with 20-30 SR players to get easier games and win more often then not. This new feature will certainly limit that system abuse and the games will feel much more balanced.

Top 500 reward icon

To get TOP 500 you need to play 50+ Wins (it turns out it is Games) in competitive mode!

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The PTR server is filled with players testing the new system. There are a few really important things that we spotted and want to share with you:

- Your season 1 ranking matters for your initial placement after your first 10 competitive matches are over. The higher you were in the s1 ladder the higher you will get placed in s2 and vice versa.

- Skill rating gain/loss differs dramatically. The maximum we saw is a player gaining 100 SR for a single win and losing 80 SR for a loss. If you are stuck in one place for a longer period of time, winning and losing around 50% of the games your SR gain/loss will normalize and will be relatively the same number.

- Larger winning streaks improve your gain by a lot.

- At the current PTR server it feels like Grand Master tier is easy to reach for a good player (somewhere around 70-75 SR comparison to Season 1)

- Draw games are quite rare but they happen.

We are expecting a few changes when the system comes live with the arrival of Season 2. We shall see exactly what they will be. Our Overwatch boosting team is here to help you in anyway possible for the new competitive season!

Season 2 of Overwatch starts at 6th September!

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