Overwatch competitive season 6 - Changes to ranking system and more.

Overwatch competitive season 6 - Changes to ranking system and more.


Overwatch competitive season 6 - Changes to ranking system and more.

August 23 , 2017


The new competitive season of Overwatch is knocking on the door with just 8 days till its beginning. Some exciting news were released from the official representative of Overwatch - Jeff Kaplan. Here is the video for a full review: Overwatch season 6 changes.

The biggest and most significant change is certainly the duration of the upcoming seasons. We will be facing 2 months season circles starting from 31st Aug., decreasing the usual length by 1 month. In other words you will have less time to achieve your dream goal, but the competition will be higher, harder and more enthusiastic to get to the Skill rating they desire. Our squad fully agrees with this change. Monitoring the seasons we found that there is exactly 1 month midseason drop of activity, making the game less interesting, less competitive and overall attractive. With the upcoming length change we think that things will be getting back to normal in terms of competition. Players will have bigger and more frequent chance to receive the end of season rewords and will be much more likely to play the game constantly.

It seems that Overwatch competitive scene is looking for encouragement and this is the first step towards a better and smoother experience for the once that like to play competitively. Overwatch League is one of the other upcoming events that will definitely improve the viewer, player and fan base of the game. The league will host the best teams in 1 big seasonal event and will have a sub-league for the challengers that want to conquer the pro scene. The future holds exciting things for Overwatch.

Changes to Control maps - all control maps will now be best of 3 instead of best of 5. The main purpose of that is to reduce the time of the matches and be relatively equal to the ones on payload and capture maps.



The other significant change is regarding the diamond + Skill rating decay. Till now we were obligated to play 7 games per week to maintain our Overwatch competitive rank. This number has been reduced to 5. A significant change, because you can not force every player to be on their computer / xbox / ps4 every week for 3 months. Decaying in general is not something we like, but the reduction of the games needed to maintain it is an improvement non the less.

Another important thing is that players in Bronze / silver / gold and plat will now be able to get demoted if they lose 5 games on the lower rating. Their "season high" icon will get replaced with the lower tier one.


Another official announcement says that we will now be facing a better distribution after the first 10 provisional games are completed. If you perform well and will most of your games you will be much more likely to receive an increase of your Skill rating compared to your last season standing. If you fail to perform you will most likely drop. Take advantage of our service if you want to have a guaranteed higher standing then before.

This is another change that we welcome. It was obvious that placement matches did not matter that much in the previous seasons and the gap from good to bad performing players was very low. We are awaiting to see how the new system will work.

More exciting moments in Season 6 are up to come. Stay tuned for more updates and if you ever need a helping hand in the game our Overwatch boosting service is always here to help!.

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