Overwatch February 9th RELAUNCH - Changes preview

Overwatch February 9th RELAUNCH - Changes preview


Overwatch February 9th RELAUNCH - Changes preview

February 10 , 2016


First of all and most importantly - CHECK IF YOU GOT A BETA KEY! If you did simply enjoy this wonderful game.

Our Overwatch boosting team has been excited to see what will happen with the new update of the game. The developers were giving little info of what's up to come and kept most of the new features fully or partially in the dark.

After nearly two months of development OVERWATCH IS BACK and as we see it much much better than before. The quantity of the changes is huge and therefor we will focus on the ones that impact the game most. The new implementations in the game are mindblowing, considering it's been less than two months of development. The hard work really shows and some new and unique features that were added with the relaunch really improve the game experiense drastically. I personally tested the game late last night and played the new game mode three times and i gotta say it's really well fit for the game. 2 of the rounds were won with 99% progress of the enemy team. I dont know if that's just a lucky game, but it feels that the games are extremely close on this "King of the Hill" type mode. We'll get back to that in a moment.

Lets put up a brief preview of some of the most impactful changes for Overwatch.

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This new mode consists of the so called "King of the Hill" type of play. Your team needs to capture and hold for a time a certain objective which is located in the middle of the map, same distance from both teams. The enemy team needs to push you back from the objective and conquer it themselves to start the clock running down in their favour. Once a team holds it for long enough - 100% the round is won.

Control has 3 rounds and each team needs to win 2 of these. Once the first round ends both teams start fresh on a new location on the map with the same objective - to capture and hold the spot in the middle of the map.

This mode is really well suited for Overwatch. It brings a lot of dynamic and the fights are litterary non stop. If you are an action fan, you will most certainly like this new feature.

The new game mode brought with it two new and exciting maps that you can already start the battle test the mode.

Lijiang Tower - MAP 1

This map is in the atmosphere of Chinese metropolis.

Nepal - MAP 2

Nepals Himalayas landscape is simply fantastic and really fun to play on.


You can now train and test strategies versus artificial intellegence. This mode is specificly created so that you can explore the abilities of your heroes, the maps and some tricks that will improve your playstyle while you face a not so hard to manage competition.


There has been some fuss around that feature on a number of threads and posts. Finally we can see what Blizzard is bringing to the table after what they called "a few failed attempts".

The system is quite clean, non-demanding and at the same time brings you rewards that you might like. All of the rewards are cosmetic which does not affect the balance in the game. Skins, mounts, sprays and voice commands are just a few of the unique rewards that you can earn. These rewards come in the form of Loot Boxes every time you level up. Each loot box consists of at least 4 rewards with different value. The system is known from Hearthstone and is quite similar to it.

The levels themself are based on your account. There is no limit to what level you can reach as long as you keep on playing games, which exciting and rewarding for the ones that play more than others.

Blizzard is implementing a currency / cosmetic reward converter which will allow you to get rid of the things that you have earned and dont want and get the ones that you really like and use more often.

These features are shaped in a new section called "Hero Gallery".


This is the feature that is generally creating the biggest interest. Why is that? - because it really looks that this is the start of forming the ranked/ competitive Overwatch world. The features in these games are many and you can make each game unique in so many ways, that it will most certainly affect how Ranked Overwatch will be formed. This new feature is for us as an Overwatch boosting service the most interesting. The feedback from it will narrow the path and guide Blizzard through the options of what is being liked/disliked in the game.

Forming a great competitive scene is one of the biggest aims of this FPS game. The interest towards it is huge and we are just at the beginning of it. The developers firmly confirmed that there will be Competitive Overwatch and that this is their main aim. Ranked play might come with the official launch of the game (this summer) or a little bit after that. Keep in mind that there is a huge number of people working on the project and the results are so far amazing. We expect nothing less for Overwatch's future.



A few heroes were and still are seemingly overpowered. Some heroes recieved significant nerfs, others buffs and many remained untouched. We agree on a few of the changes, but I am not quite convinced about one of them - Bastion.

This champion in our eyes was pretty damn good. His new changes seemingly look as a buff, which doesnt really make sense. Yes his shield is removed in turret from, but his one real weakness was removed. Bastion was vulnarable to flanks. Now he can rotate 360 degree and this is not a big problem for him anymore. Yes he might be a bit squishier than before, although with the HP buff and the Armor buff it's not really that visible. His damage output is insane and remains as our N1 defense role champion. (We will update our Bastion guide soon).

Reinhardt, D.Va, Mercy, Pharah nerfs were quite necessary, since these were the champions that really shined among the rest. Personally I think that a nerf to Reinhardt shield would be a better path to take, but maybe in the future that will be his next change, since he is still quite a terror in the games.

We agree with all the buffs that were performed.


The interface changes start from the menu and continue ingame. So far we cant say what we dont like since we did not have a lot of time to monitor everything, but generally we like the way things are going and how the new Overwatch looks. One of the biggest things that we like is the top-right ingame corner indicator of who kills/who dies - HELPFUL ! :)

Overall the developers have done a great job. Our Overwatch boost squad is more than happy the way things are looking at the current moment. Overwatch rank boosting and Overwatch coaching will be two of Myboosting's main features when the competitive gameplay starts. We will look a close eye over what happens in that direction and keep you informed about everything you need to know!

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