Overwatch - the impact of the latest MMR changes

Overwatch - the impact of the latest MMR changes


Overwatch - the impact of the latest MMR changes

April 14 , 2017


On 11th April Blizzard released their new patch. Besides the Overwatch Uprising Event there was one other change that in our eyes is much more impactful to the game. We are talking about the new Match Making System!

As most of you might know MMR is a hidden rating different from your Skill rating. It goes up and down, mirroring your performance in games and is usually slightly higher or lower then your displayed SR. This MMR is used to determine your actual skill and get you in games where you have 50 / 50 chance to win. With the release of the patch the Multipliers behind this rating were significantly changed, which virtually made win and lose streaks disappear.

Previously if you win 7 games in a row you will start gaining much more SR per win, if you get 13 or even more wins in a row your Skill rating would skyrocket with more then 150 SR per game on the low/ mid / and mid-high skill ratings. Well... those days are over. After testing the new patch for a few days we can really feel the huge difference that this Multiplier had. Currently if you go on a 7 win streak you will approximately gain 30ish SR if you go on 13+ wins you will gain 40/50 SR in the general case. Just as an example that we had - we won 20 games in a row and the maximum gain per win that we saw was 20... sad right?

We understand that MMR makes the game more balanced, but we also see that the changes might be a bit too harsh. Winstreaks were a thing of beauty and YES the amount you can gain after a good session was completely absurd. We've done 1000 - 4000 SR accounts in less then 2 days which should not happen. Although we agree that this new calculation system was needed we feel like the chance to climb / drop significantly if you are on a good day is almost non existent right now.



As some of you might know we have done quite a bit of boosting since the release of the game. The last patch was definitely the most harsh one we have encountered so far when it comes to doing our job fast. The average amount of time that an Ow boosting order is to be completed at the moment is probably 2x or 3x more then it used to be. And that's just for the Solo (piloted) orders. Duoqueue is even worse since the new system measures the INGAME performance of the player and mostly his time "ON FIRE" compared to other players with that champion on that Skill Rating. So... if our Duo client doesn't actually perform at a proper level his SR gain will be multiple times less then before.

Why do we feel that this change is not right?

Well... 90% of it is right... changes had to be made, but let's say you are a team player that usually 6 man stacks with his mates which are better then him in carrying... that's a quite common case in the game. This player will have significant struggles to match the SR of his mates since he'll be receiving much less then them. And that's just one example... If you were forced to play champions and roles that you are not used to when solo queueing and you finally start using your champion in the next games you won't be gaining much ... you'll have the burden of your previous games performance and you will need days to make up for it. This process can be frustrating for most of the players and will surely bring some negativity to the game and it's community... We've all heard "You are not even on my skill fu..ing plats" or some similar verbal abuses that are likely to increase.

Regardless of that Myboosting.com is here to serve your needs no matter how hard it is and how hard it will get! Feel free to ask our 24/7 live support anything you would like to know about Overwatch and the new changes!

HERE you can take a look at the official Blizzard post for the changes mentioned above.


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