Overwatch open beta starts May 24 - Prepurchase for earlier access

Overwatch open beta starts May 24 - Prepurchase for earlier access


Overwatch open beta starts May 24 - Prepurchase for earlier access

March 21 , 2016


We are getting closer and closer to the moment where everyone will be able to experience this amazing game! Our Overwatch boosting team is extremely excited as the time for our new service is approaching. We can not hide the great feelings we have for this game - so far it's everything that we wanted. People from all over the world are starting to knowtice the potential of the game and are quickly switching their current game of choice with the Blizzard's newest FPS.

The Overwatch open beta is officially announced! The date is 24 May 2016! Blizzard also gave a great option to get an early access on 3-4th May if you prepurchase the game! If you still didn't have the chance to play the game you most certainly want to try it out on these dates. Test it, Enjoy it, Buy it! The experience is like no other game so far. It is dynamic, intense, fun and the variety of heroes and maps bring the game to an exceptional level. It is fit for both competitive players and such that want to spend their free time playing games.

We are not quite sure if the Overwatch ranked system will be up on these dates, but as soon as this happens Myboosting.com will launch it's Overwatch rank boosting services. We will try to add all the options that the game will allow us to choose from such as Overwatch solo boost, Duoqueue boost, Coaching and more. We are really looking forward towards seeing what kind of a challange the competitive ladder will bring and we are most certainly going to pick the best players from the battlefield to serve your Ovw boosting orders!

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We've been seeing a lot of changes happening in the game since it's initial closed beta release. Biggest impact had the relaunch patch on 9th February which changed almost every feature of the game. We are seeing a tendency aimed towards balancing the heroes in the game at the moment. A lot of them have been reworked big time (Bastion, Torbjorn), others remain almost intact (tracer, hanzo, soldier 76 etc.). The developers still can not find the balance level needed and there is always some champion or a teamcomposition that we the players call "OP". The good news is that Blizz is really putting a lot of effort into discovering these and fixing them - something that will be really important in the future.

A thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that with the official launch of the game all the player's progression including level reached, skins and other visuals will be reset and everyone will start completely fresh.

A new feature will be added soon - Achievements which will also bring sometype of rewards to the players.

Play of the game replays are kind of out of the right road at the moment and that feature will be fixed most probably with the next patch.

Concerning our Overwatch guides - we are aware that some of the ingame changes are not marked in our guide articles. Since almost all champions are getting reworked on a weekly base we have decided to start making a new and better guide for each Overwatch hero. We will also add a Ovw chamipon tier list that will be updated with each patch as soon as the game balance stabilizes.

Hope you guys liked our article

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