Overwatch Retribution and Uprising achievements boosting. Limited time event.

Overwatch Retribution and Uprising achievements boosting. Limited time event.


Overwatch Retribution and Uprising achievements boosting. Limited time event.

April 11 , 2018


With the patch on 10th April Blizzard brought back one of the most popular PvE events in Overwatch - The Uprising. Together with it a new special mission was also released - Retribution.

Both of these events are PvE co-op missions where you can either play with a pre-determined 4 champions, or go into the battle after selecting any champion you like.

The event will be active for 20 days - 10th April - 30th April. There are multiple rewards that were released with the patch.

You can see a list of all the amazing skins on the blizzard official page. Together with that there are specific rewards that you can get only by completing specific modes and difficulties on Retribution and Uprising. To win these sprays you need to really know what you are doing in the PvE missions and have a well prepared team to coordinate your actions with.

As always myboosting has prepared for the task ahead. You can Purchase Retribution and Uprising boosting for any achievement you want.

Here is a list of all the quests you can complete.




Into the Shadows - Complete Retribution on Hard difficulty (Talon Sniper spray)

A Quiet Night - Complete Retribution on Expert difficulty. (Droppachi Spray)

Plausible Deniability - Complete Retribution on Legendary difficulty. (Talon Heavy assault spray)

The Venice Incident - Complete Retribution with each of the 4 heroes.(Talon Trooper Spray)

Redacted - Complete Retribution (All Heroes) with 8 different heroes. (Talon Enforcer spray)

Clean Getaway - Complete Retribution on Expert difficulty with no incapacitations. (Talon Assassin spray)


Mission complete - Complete Uprising on Hard (Edadicator spray)

Unit Commendation - Complete Uprising on Expert (b73-NS spray)

Distinguished Service - Complete uprising on Legendary (OR14-NS spray)

Strike team - complete uprising with each of the 4 heroes (Nulltrooper spray)

Replacements - complete uprising with 8 different heroes (Nullmari spray)

Handle with Care - deliver the payload with over 80% Health in uprising on hard (Slicer spray reward)

All of the services, besides Legendary clears can be purchased as Solo (piloted) or Duo (carry) option.

Feel free to ask our 24/7 support staff anything you do not know about the new Event.


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