Overwatch S6 placement games boost - High winrates, performance and results.

Overwatch S6 placement games boost - High winrates, performance and results.


Overwatch S6 placement games boost - High winrates, performance and results.

August 24 , 2017


With just a few days left till the new season hits the battlefield we are here and ready to perform according to the highest standards in the game for you.

As always we will guarantee a high winrate for each of our customers. This season the performance in your first 10 games will be even more important than in the past. With the official announcement of Jeff Kaplan it became clear that there will be adjustments to the system that determines your initial rank after you finish the 10 matches. It will be quite important to perform well and win as many games as you can. The skill rating difference between your last season standing and the new one can be significantly higher or lower depending on how you played.

The rules will be as previous seasons and can be found on our FAQ below the placement matches section. You can also find them here.

We have proven to achieve extreme results on most of our placement matches orders. If we fail to perform according to the standard we will compensate you appropriately.

We provide placement games boost on PC, Xbox and PS4 at any rating.


It is important to mention that Season 6 will be only 2 months long. This means that you will have less time to grind to the place that you belong. If you fail your placement games and need to grind up the ladder you will certainly feel the Season length decrease.

Getting a head start is quite beneficial when you consider all the factors that come into play with S6. The competition will be fierce and everyone will try hard to get to the spot that he wants. With other words there won't be many easy games. The 2 months duration will be filled with action and players that strive to achieve the peak ranks.

A good news for us all is that the Decay system will now require only 5 games per week instead of 7, making it easier for a casual/ semi-casual player to keep his standing without having to spend too much time in the game.



The first 10 games in each season are probably the most important ones that you'll play. The Skill rating range that you can get placed at with a good and bad performance is huge probably over 1000 Skill rating, and for Unranked accounts that range can go as high as 3000 Skill rating. The better win rate and ingame skill you show the higher you will get placed. SO IF YOU WANT:

- A perfect Overwatch Competitive season 6 start
- High winrates guaranteed
- Professional performance and extreme KDA
- A pro Duo partner on your PC / Xbox or PS4

Myboosting is here to help. Simply go to our Overwatch placement games boost page. We now have DuoQueue placements guaranteed winrate for accounts below 3500 SR Season 4.

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