Overwatch season 2 end / season 3 start - adjustments and improvements.

Overwatch season 2 end / season 3 start - adjustments and improvements.


Overwatch season 2 end / season 3 start - adjustments and improvements.

October 25 , 2016


A post has been submitted by official Blizzard representative (Source) that give valuable data on what is up to come in the Competitive Overwatch scene.

Starting with the confirmed Season 2 end - 24th November 00:00 UTC. We now know what the timeframe is to complete our current season tasks. For some reaching a desired tier is a must and knowing exactly how much time we have to achieve that is a must know. Now that it's clear what and when to expect we can gear up and perform the best way we can in the game. There is one more month where each of you can get to the point that he feels best suit his ingame skill. Some strive to get from one tier to another, while others aim to conquer the peak spots in the Top 500 Overwatch ladder. If you are having issues getting to the place you desire our Overwatch boosting service is always here to give you a hand. With some of the world's top Overwatch players on your disposal we a confident that we can get you to your dream spot in the matter of hours or a few days (for really long boosts).

Achieving a higher Skill rating in Overwatch doesn't come without a prize. Check out the Season 2 rewards that you can get for being an active, skilled and consistant player throughout this competitive season.

As we all know each new season is a fresh start for the competitors, a new arena to prove how good they are while battling the opponents.

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The downtime between the two season will be exactly 1 week. A new addition is the countdown timer that will be active during the off-season, marking the exact moment when we'll be able to play in competitive mode again. This is a great new addition, since a lot of players were surprised by the start of season 2, and even season 1. Now we can clear our schedule for the very beginning of this new venture.

Season 3 comes with a few changes. The most impactful one according to the recent post is the way Placement games will be determining your starting Skill rating. As we all know the previous season performance carries weight and is a starting point of how your matches will be determined in the new season. The so called soft reset is a method known to be used in many other games. The result of it is that your previous season Skill rating (and MMR) will matter a lot, but your placement games performance will be the more important factor. If you perform well in them you'll have an even better starting point then in your past season. A new calculation system has been announced, that will decrease the starting Skill rating compared to what it would be in Season 2, so that the lower Tiers will get populated. However to balance out things in the first few games after your starting 10 (placements) will have increased Skill rating gain/loss. So at this point you want to be thinking about your performance not only in the first few games, but in the following matches too.

The main reason behind the changes is to balance out the game even more and create a more fair matchmaking system from the very beginning of the upcoming seasons.

The changes are now live on the PTR server and can be seen first sight by the ones eager to get a taste of Season 3.

Until the end of the current season comes our Season 2 Overwatch boosters squad is always here to help you achieve your in-game dreams so don't be shy ;)

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