Overwatch SKILL RATING BOOST. Get to the peak spots in the competitive Ow ladder!

Overwatch SKILL RATING BOOST. Get to the peak spots in the competitive Ow ladder!


Overwatch SKILL RATING BOOST. Get to the peak spots in the competitive Ow ladder!

June 26 , 2016


A few days back we were informed about the upcoming change in the ranking system of Ow. The new term used to measure your ranking is "Skill rating", some also call it a skill level.

Your performance in the game will be represented in a scale from 1 to 100 (100 being the highest). Our company's main activity will be to increasing your Overwatch skill rating in the form of a boost. With that being said lets see how this new system works. After finishing your Placement games (10 games) and based on the performance in these initial matches you will receive a numeric representation of where you stand in the ladder - a Skill rating. Winning or losing a game will change your standing for the better or worse. A thing to note here is that one win is not 1 skill rating increase, you need between 2 and 5 wins to get to the next skill rating number. The amount you gain/ lose per game is defined by the MMR between the two teams battling and your own performance in the game. So if you are the underdog in the match and you manage to win it you are likely to get a bit more skill rating increase than if you were the higher MMR team. The more you win the higher you will get, but it will become significantly harder to find opponents at your skill rating, so you will be the favorite in the matches more often then not.

Another important thing to note is that the new system is extremely difficult to conquer. That in our eyes is a great thing since we all love competition. The peak spot - 100 skill rating points will be almost unreachable and only a few talented players will be fit to get there. Once you manage to reach 100 point you will get placed in the top 500 players ladder. That is Another amazing place where only the best in the game will battle for glory. Now it's obvious that getting there is no joke and the skill level of the ones that actually manage it has to be on a ninja level XD. Our Overwatch boost company is really excited about the way the new system works and mostly the difficulty it has. Our services will be useful for many players that want to:

  1. Get your Overwatch skill rating increased (boosted)
  2. Play with some of the best Ow professionals
  3. Get an Overwatch coaching session and improve your in-game skill
  4. Climb the Overwatch competitive ladder
  5. Battle against better players
  6. Harvest the Overwatch golden gun rewards and more

Myboosting.com can give each of you the chance to do the above listed and much more. We are an organization that focuses it's efforts on improving others standings and skill level. Harvesting the rewards in Overwatch is just a benefit that comes with the use of our boosting services. A lot of players need just a little bit of an edge to find their true pro players within them, that's where we can help a lot!

Climbing the competitive Overwatch ladder will be a hard thing to do, that is for sure, but we are confident that we can handle even the hardest tasks. We have formed our Overwatch boosting and coaching squad and we have some of the best players in the world to fulfill your demands. We have proven to be the best in Heroes of the Storm, now its time to do the same in Overwatch! We won't stop working until we are at the level that each of you deserves. You will know that Myboosting.com is the place where you feel confident placing your orders and being certain that each of the tasks given by you will be executed in the most professional and quality way there is.

Get the golden guns in Overwatch


Getting to the higher skill rating range in Overwatch will not stay unrewarded by Blizzard. The developers announced their new Golden gun feature which is to say the least exciting. These unique weapons will be given to the ones that deserve them. That is going to be determined by the performance of each of you in competitive play mode. If you earn enough Skill rating points you will be entitled to receive these golden guns.

This is an entertaining new feature that we know all players will love. It is also something to tryhard for. In each game that is aiming to be competitive you need to have a motivation to achieve higher goals. The approach Blizzard took with Overwatch is very smart and innovative. We love what Jeff Kaplan and his team has done to the game so far. Ow is an entertaining, dynamic and full of action game that will leave even the most sceptic players speechless.

The visual/ cosmetic rewarding is superb. What is more important is that none of the prizes you win will actually increase your power in-game. This makes the game balanced and entirely dependent on the skill you posses. Myboosting.com feels that the game has an extremely bright future ahead of it both for competitive and casual play. According to leaked information a few days back Overwatch is currently the number one active players game surpassing the well known MOBA - League of Legends. For a game that was released a month ago that is mind blowing success.

For more interesting information around Overwatch visit our news section regularly. Also don't miss out on checking the current Overwatch meta OP heroes and in-depth guides for them in our Champion tier list.

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