November 26 , 2015

OVERWATCH GAME ANALYSIS (Overwatch boosting website review)

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Overwatch is a futuristic team-based first person shooter. One of a kind game that offers way more than all others from this genre. We are used to having the same character to play with and the only diversity is based on maps and your weapon of choice. Well time to change things and give the fans what they always wanted.

The game a multiplayer battleground where two teams of 6 collide and fight over objectives. Currently there is only a normal game mode and AI mode, but there is an official announcement that Blizzard will import competitive ranking system into the game.

Overwatch is a rappid game, full of action, battles and epic moments. It requires skill, team coordination, good aim and quick reflexes in order to claim to be a good player.

Lets's get to analyzing specific aspects of the game.

Note: We have not yet had the pleasure to play Overwatch, however we are dedicating loads of time to watch streamers and keep track of all the announcements. As a future Overwatch boosting website we want to be the very best at what we do.


Myboosting will launch a series of articles in the upcoming days for all the champions with analysis on their pros and cons.overwatch boost

The diversity of heroes that you can play in Overwatch is nowhere to be matched for a FPS. Currently there are 21 different characters you can pick from each of which with unique skill set. The number is presumably going to grow higher and higher. The official announcement is that all champions will be unlocked after puchacing the game (
explained in this article). Currently you can switch your champions from one to another infinite times, even while the game is going - of course you need to die first in order to change the champ. We do not know if that feature will remain the same for competitive play. We think that an interesting option will be to have the right to change a champion a limited number of times (2-3) for the whole team. We will see how things go in that aspect.Each character has unique abilities, differing him from the rest and serving a specific role that he was created for. Some champions are squishy, but very mobile or quite heavy on damage, others are tanky, but slow and focused on crowdcontrol and disruption.

There are champions with 3 to 4 main abilities that you can use throughout the whole game (your basic skills). Each champion also has an Ultimate.
The first ability ( + the second if its 4 ability champion ) pretty much determins how your champion will autoattack and will he have additional ways to autoattack. Some champs have machine guns, snipers, rocket launchers while others have freezing guns, throwing stars, arrows etc. Each character has difference in the way you need to aim and shoot that are vital for your success. Some weapons are area of effect, others are slow to reach the target and so on.

The second and third ( or third and forth) abilities are your utility spells. Whether they will allow you to do more damage, climb on high places, fly in the air or regenarate HP, that depends on your champion of choice.

Almost all abilities have a cooldown, making you think twice when to use them most efficiantly.

The ultimate is in most cases your strongest tool. However in order to be able to use it you need to charge it fully first. The charging is determined by the amount of damage you deal to enemies and also by the damage you soak or the healing you do. Long story short the better you perform on your champion the more times you will be able to use your ulitmate. This high cooldown ability is a gamechanger in many situations so among your other objectives you need to think when to use it properly.

Roles & Team composition
There are 4 different groups of heroes that you can select from - Offensive, Defensive, Tanks and Supports.
Each of the roles has a certain thing that it does best. However in order for your team to be successful you need a good mixture out of each. Having a healer for example is extremely useful, since that will allow the whole team to fight over an objective for much longer period than normal. Having someone to soak the damage and be the frontline for your invade is as important as killing the enemies when you reach the point.

Each game is divided into two teams.
One of the teams is on the offensive and the other is defending certain objectives. Saying it like that it might sound that the best way to go is to just pick almost fully offensive heroes when you are attacking and vice versa, that however is not even close to the truth. A solid defense for your attacks will allow you to reach the point in which you want to fight. Providing advantageus situations is exactly what the tanks and supports bring to your team comp. Dont be mistaken - a tank or a support can also easily kill enemies if played properly. The usual winning composition that i have witnessed in most of the games is formed by 2 offense, 2 (or 1) defense, 1 (or 2) tanks and 1 support. 2-2-1-1 is so far the best setup for a win (personal opinion).

There are a lot of ways you can build your composition, also a thing worth mentioning is that certain champions counter others pretty effectively. For example Widowmaker (Squishy sniper) is easily countered by mobile champions that can reach her and get her in close 1 v 1 battle like Tracer, Genji, Winston. Getting a counter to your enemies strongest players will give your whole team an easier time and will increase the chance to finish your Overwatch game with a victory.

MAPS ovw boost

The diversity of the game spreads through its battlefields. There are currently 8 different maps. By the time of the official launch of the game we expect there number to be even higher. Each of the them provides different athmosphere, thematic, environment and requires different approach and strategy. From what we have seen so far the balance of the maps is quite good considering the early stage of the development. There are a few things that might get better concerning this aspect, but we know that we will receive what we want at the end.

Payload maps:
Watchpoint : Gibraltar
King's row

Point capture maps:
Temple of Anubis - my favourite
Volskaya industries

A detailed look of all the maps can be found


The game is focused around objectives - something to fight for. Each main objective needs to be taken (completed) within a time frame. The battle is divided into two parts - Capturing objective A and B. For that your team has a deadline to complete the given task. For the attacking team that means to capture the point or to escort the payload. For the defending team that means to stop the enemies from doing so. The timeframe for the completion of the task is 5 minutes. If the attacking team manages to get the job done another 5 minutes are added to the timer and the second part of the game begins.
Overtime is a feature that makes the 5 minute timer to stop for a period. When the 5 mins are over, but the attacking team is actually at the objective that needs to be secured, the overtime kicks in. If the attackers are pushed out of the objective or if they manage to get it to its final destination the overtime ends and the game is eighter won or lost.

Point capture - this is a main objective. It is a marked part of the map that needs to be captured. It is usually a highly contested area, better suited for defending, thus the attackers will have a harder time to actually reach it and keep it controlled for a few seconds. Once an attacker steps on the point to capture a timer triggers ( approximately 10 seconds ) if the defenders dont contest this point for a period of time the point is taken and you continue to Point B.

Payload - this is a main objective. The attackers need to escort a vehicle of a type to a certain point. To do so the team needs to stay near the vehicle without a defender in close reach. The more attackers staying near the payload the faster it moves. The maps designed with payloads are in my opinion more intense, since the fights are not necessarily concentrated at specific areas which brings more action to the game and a non stop flow of fighting.

Healing packs - this is so to say not an objective, but quite an important thing to know and look for. There are health packs that regenerate portion of your health. These packs are placed on certain points of the map and respawn within around 30ish secounds. Creating a teamfighting situation when you have one of those around can be a game winner. Consider the places of these packs at all time and if needed use them to be victorious.


In order to be successful in the game, besides some qualities that you need to possess there are a few things that you need to keep focus on when starting to play.

- find a champion/role that you feel confortable on
- always have a back up champion to pick when the team lacks a specific role
- form a good team composition
- work as a team
- dont be too ballzy and dont take unnecessary risks
- remember that objectives are the most important thing, kills are a tool to get to these objectives.
- have loads of fun!


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We intend to get involved with Overwatch boosts in the near future, thus we follow the game closely and want to share our thoughts on the game so far.

We will keep you informed of almost everything that is important and mostly the competitive aspect of the game once it is up. We think that Overwatch boosting will be exciting and difficult task. All team based games have their difficulties due to reliability of your team. We know that there will be hard situations but we are confident we will find the right Ovw players to work for us and perform at the highest level. Overwatch boosting services are still a blur, since we dont know the structure of the competitive play, but there is one thing that remains the same in all games. IF YOU GOT THE SKILL - YOU CAN GO AS HIGH AS YOU WANT!

Hope our article will teach you guys a thing or two about the game. It is specificly created for the ones that dont know a lot about it. Just giving the basics and the concept of the game. The true action is in the game. I know I cant wait to play it!

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