Overwatch - What hero to play and how to play it - Offensive Champions Pt.1 - Pharah & Genji (Top 2 picks)

Overwatch - What hero to play and how to play it - Offensive Champions Pt.1 - Pharah & Genji (Top 2 picks)


Overwatch - What hero to play and how to play it - Offensive Champions Pt.1 - Pharah & Genji (Top 2 picks)

January 05 , 2016


Myboosting's Overwatch boost team is starting a series of articles dedicated to analyze the current heroes in the game. The main aim is to make it easier for the fans to pick the one that will best fit their play style without even trying it. We will point out strenghts and weaknesses of each and every hero and its counters.

We decided to do things in the the following way:
We will point the 2 best champions from each role and make an in-deapth analyzis on them in one article and we will make a short review of all the rest of the role in another article. The heroes that we point out as top tier represent our Overwatch boost squad's personal view. At the end of the series (8 articles) we will make a Tier list of all the heroes in Overwatch based on what we think is OP and not OP :P, so you can adjust your pick choice according to it, if you agree with it that is :P.

Let's begin!



Genji Ability Overview Video

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Difficulty - mid-high


Our Ovw boost team best offensive hero pick is Genji. He is one of the latest released characters and is proving to be one of the strongest on the battlefield. A useful pick to almost every team composition. He is best on the attacking side, but can be as useful on the defense also. Certainly a character that doesn't require that much skill to be played, but one that requires tons of it if you want to play it to perfection. His auto-attacking is tricky and most probably not fitting for everyone because of it's little delay, but overall he is the best mixture of what you would want when playing an assasian samurai.

Strengths - really mobile, extremely good in 1 vs 1, short-mid range killing machine, capable to make solo plays, very high flanking potential, sneaky, great for assasinating squishier heroes.

Weaknesses - delayed long range autos, low health pool (200 HP), struggles against tankier characters, not as effective when a big 5/5 - 4/4 fight errupts (although with his ult he can certainly cripple the enemy team)


SHURIKEN - Genji looses three deadly throwing stars in quick succession. Alternatively, he can throw three shuriken in a wider spread .

SWIFT STRIKE - Genji darts forward, slicing the air with his katana and passing through foes in his path. After the initial strike, his targets begin to bleed and take additional damage over time. If Genji eliminates a target with this ability, he can instantly use it again.

DEFLECT - With lightning-quick swipes of his sword, Genji reflects an oncoming projectile and sends it rebounding towards his opponent.

DRAGONBLADE - Genji brandishes his katana for a brief period of time. Until he sheathes his sword, Genji can deliver killing strikes to any targets within his reach.


Q – Dragonblade (sword)
E – Deflect (reflect projectiles)
Left Shift – Swift Strike (dash and apply bleed)
Left Click – Three Shuriken Burst
Right Click – Three Shuriken Con

How to play Genji

In the best case scenario what you want to do is to keep the pressure on the squishier champions in the enemy teams. Learn the sneaky paths of each map and try to get in the backlines without being spotted. Genji is a real terror for some champions that aren't as well suited for a 1 vs 1 fight. Widowmaker, Tracer, Soldier 76, Hanzo, Mei and all the Supports are usually an easy kill if cought in a straight up fight with our number 1 pick. When you fight these champions you would usually want to stay in closer range. Your long autoattacks are not as accurate as you would want, but they are quite effective from mid-range. Your other skills allow you to be devastating in a close to mele range also.
One of the hardest things to predict is your E skill - Deflect. Lets say you get oneshotted by a Hanzo or Widowmaker, you can try to predict and avoid that from happening by timely measuring that ability. Deflect is your main defensive ability when fighting in a 1 v 1, so use it wisely. Your other strength is your mobility. Your passive has two uses - first you can climb walls and second you can double jump with it. Your dash is an irreplacable ability that is crucial for Genji. Using it to its full potential is what will differ a good player from a great one.
You want to avoid being in the face of someone like Reinhart or Roadhog. Try to get distance from these guys. Your long-range attacks might not be the best ones but they still work against the tankier, usually short range heroes.
Your positioning is always important. You want to be where the fight is, but not it in it's center. You want to stay around, wait for an opportunity to assasinate someone, dash in, do your damage and run out for a few seconds.
Your ultimate for many is not as powerful as it should be. I sincerely disagree with that. It is exactly what you would want from a hero like Genji. Because you are kinda squishy you dont always wont to be in the mix of the fight, however you are a champion that should find the right place to get involved in it. Your Ultimate gives you what you lack - great potential to be in the middle of what is happening. Your AOE mele sword strikes are extremely good for that. Although you might not one shot people with it you have no problem to repeat the strike. Most importantly you are an assasian, so you dont want to be fighting 5 full hp guys. Wait a bit for your team to do some work and get them a bit low and make youself a samurai sandwich after that.
Genji is not the optimal objective control hero, but he is probably one of the best to set up a favourable situation for the team to take/defend an objective.

Counters to Genji - Reinhardt, D.Va, Roadhog, Winston. I cant really say that they are real counters you just have to play around their strengths and you will be all set to outplay them.


Genji is a hard to master hero, that will bring you many rewards if you do so. Getting used to the play style of that character will not fit every player, therefore he is not someone that we encourage everyone to get involved with.
There are numerous occasions where Genji will be the best pick for your team. His is a great alround character with the potential to win games almost alone. Surprising the enemies, pressuring the squishies and calculating when to go in and out will make you win more games than you can imagine with him. The most important thing that you need to remember while playing him is that you can outplay your opponents in almost every situation, you just have to think quick and act fast!

Hope you liked our Overwatch boosting squad Basic Genji guide!

Lets continue with our Number 2!


Pharah Ability Overview Video

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Difficulty - low-mid


Pharah is an easy to play devastating, high-damage, area of effect character. She is a unique mixture between Superman and a Nuclear bomb XD. Seriously I've seen people wipe the entire enemy team within 2 - 3 seconds with her. If you want a high kill potential character, that is your champion of choice. Although she has probably the strongest autoattacking tool - a rocket launcher, she still has a few weaknesses that can backfire if you are not careful playing her. Another thing is that she is not exactly great at 1 v 1 scenarious. Think of her more like a teamfighting hero, or as someone that can make her way through narrow paths, stop the enemies from going through a door or just wipe the whole team while they try to take your objective. One vs One - not really Pharah's thing, not saying that she cant win those though. It's just a bit tricky.

Strengths - High damage, She can fly! XD, Area of effect autoattacks, Great for mid range fight, Good for short and long range fight, Amazing at protecting and taking objective, Great teamfighting, Insanely good ultimate, good flanking potential on some maps. (After writing this I dont know why i didnt put her on N1 place XD)

Weaknesses - Delayed flight of the rockets (auto attacks), limited flight time so you have to use the jetpack wisely and prefferably use it with your jet jump, requires predictable path of moving of the opponents which gives your enemy a chance to actually outplay her.


ROCKET LAUNCHER - Pharah's primary weapon launches rockets that deal significant damage in a wide blast radius.

JUMP JET - Propelled by her suit's thrusters, Pharah soars high into the air.

CONCUSSIVE BLAST - Pharah looses a wrist rocket that knocks back any enemies it strikes.

BARRAGE - Pharah directs a continuous salvo of mini-rockets to destroy groups of enemies.


Q – Barrage (channel a massive barrage of rockets)
E – Concussive Blast (knockback rocket)
Left Shift – Jump Jet (jetpack used for flying)
Left Click – Rocket Launcher (shoot projectile rockets)

How to play Pharah

Pharah is exceedingly good at some maps and not that much on others. You would like to know where your opponents will be moving towards in order to hit more shots and deal more damage. You would prefer playing her on maps where you have both the opportunity to fly and to know where your enemies will be headed. For example Watchpoint : Gibraltar is a great map to play that character. You have wide space to fly and position yourself and there are basicly not that many spots where your opponents can be standing/moving towards. Other maps on the other hand provide a bit more flexibilite on the paths to take and some limit the space where you can fly.
A crucial part of mastering this hero is to master the art of flying. This is not only a skill that will allow you to jump over walls and get to a good flanking position. It also makes you much harder to spot, giving you the chance to be the first one to start attacking and if successful to land the killing blow. Another thing that flying usually does is that it makes you harder to get hit.
Another tricky thing when starting to play that hero is to actually start aiming properly. You usually dont aim directly at your opponent unless he is standing still for a long time aka he is a total noob. What you want to do is aim at the terrain near the opponent and in the direction where he is headed. Shooting prematurely towards a door or a narrow path is always a way to fill your time of "no action" sometimes you might even hit a head or two :P.
There is a really funny situation that I stumbled upon while watching some streams - 2 opponent Pharahs trying to shoot each other while in the air - doesnt really happen that often LoL.
Always keep track of how much fuel you have for your flight, otherwise you might land in the danger zone. Keep track of how long there is to charge your Ultimate. It is a really devastating weapon. If you see people stacking somewhere just shoot as much as you can. Always remember that using your ultimate makes you stand in one place, which makes you susceptible to enemies shooting at you. Sometimes it is not the best choice to just jump and fire away. There are situations where it is actually better to use it from the ground. Don't preemptively use it - the time will come and you will know you have to push the button!
Your main objective when playing her is to avoid the close combats and stay in mid-range. Dont go in too deep because you are not exactly a fast runner in many cases. Yes you can fly, but that doesnt mean you can teleport to a safe place. You want to wait for the enemies to group in a small area. Even if you are not hitting them directly, but use the terrain around them the splash damage will do its job. Remember that you dont want to be too close or too far away from the place of battle. However you want to have a safe spot near you. A closed space where the enemies cant hit you or something like it. Always think about your HP status and if possible rotate around the HP packs on the map or get healed by your support. Although you have quite the damage you are not exactly the one-shot hero. The enemies usually shoot back and sometimes they hit so you have to be prepared to refill your HP bars.
Be aware of the more mobile champions, they are your hardest opponents, try to ambush them or make them go in a narrow terrain. If you dont manage, shoot in their legs when they are moving towards you.

Counters to Pharah - Hanzo, Widowmaker, Reinhardt, McCree, Tracer, Lucio.


Our Ovw boost team really enjoys playing with Pharah because of her carry potential. She is a good choice of a champion to start playing the game with. Doesnt require that much skill and is not that difficult to learn. A few games with her will make you play her at a decent level, a few more and you will be actually able to carry.
Pharah is a good fit to almost any teamcomp. However you want to be careful picking her at some maps. She is very good both as defending and attacking team and provides great objective control. Constantly keep on moving and change your position. Shoot from the skies. This will confuse your enemies as they will start thinking who to focus, the attackers from the ground or you, anyways your team will benefit from that.

Hopefully this basic Pharah guide will help you stomp in your games.

For more Overwatch hero previews keep track of our news section. We will make such for each character and map in the game. Like and share on your social network profiles using the links on top of the article. Thank you guys!

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