November 12 , 2015


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Myboosting.com is starting its Overwatch boosting sections and we want to be the ones that give you important information about the game.

The main question that concerns all the fans out there is - When will i be able to play Overwatch?

Well the safest answer to that is the spring of 2016. However there are other ways you can get access to the beta version and start the battle earlier. For that you need to have signed up for the beta key access on the official page of the game or via the battle.net application. To be one of the lucky guys getting an early access to the game you will need a portion of good will by the developers. Our information is that if you are a regular player of some of the Blizzard games you have a higher chance to be granted access to the beta.

There is a new wave of keys that is going to be delivered quite soon and we keep our fingers crossed for you to get one. The game is simply amazing and provides all that a first person shooter should have - full of action, diversity of maps and heroes, extremely fun and could say addictive xD.


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Besides the option above, you will most likely have to purchase the game to play it. The first leak of information was that Overwatch would be free 2 play, but the developers decided (or are still thinking about) that it would be better to be pay 2 play. They also announced that the game will not be PC exclusive. Xbox and PS will be the other platforms that the game will be played on. Ofcourse each platform will play independantly from the others.
There are a number of questions that have been in the spotlight after this announcement was made during the Blizzcon event. Generally the commonly discussed questions are:

- If you purchase the game do you get every future champion in the game or do you need to buy it with real / virtual currency? - The answer to this is not yet decided or at least we can not give any official information so we will just have to wait for the final results.

- The prices you have to pay 2 play? - Currently there are 3 different pre-purchase packs, each comming with different things:
1. Basic edition - PC exclusive - 40$ - provides access to the game once launched, 21 champions and Widowmaker skin.
2. Origins edition - 60$ - access to the game once launched, 21 champs, 5 Ovw skins, Goodies for other Blizzard games.
3. Collectors edition - 130$ - access to the game once launched, all from origins edition + Visual Sourche box, Statue of soldier 76 and a soundtrack.

- Do you get beta access once you prepurchase the game ? - You don't. At least not for now. Things might change in the future and we think that it will, since it's a little bit odd if you have to pay 40$ , 60$ or 130$ (depending on the pack you want) and wait for another 7-8 months to actually start playing the game if you dont get a beta access. However the final saying is in the hands of Blizzard, but this is one of the main problems that everyone that wants to purchase it is asking, so we are expecting things to get clearer in the close future.

- Will there be extra payments required once the game in launched ? - No firm answer was given yet, but we presume that there will be a feature that will earn profit periodically. Why is that? That way the developers can focus on a long-term support for the game. This is something that is very important for each game in order to be successful. You dont want the game abandoned after the profit is made you want to keep it up and make it better in order to earn more out of it. This is quite normal. The methods however can be different - 1. Ingame shop for purchasing goods/skins/champs etc. 2. Periodical expansion updates (paid) 3. Periodical subscription fees in ordar to be able to continue to play. Which one of these will be chosen is yet a mistery. We vote for option 1 as best, option 2 is also viable and we do not really like option 3 (that is MyBoosting modest oppinion on the topic).

- What machine should i have to play it in good quality ? - The overall oppinion is that the game will not be heavy. If you can get good steady fps in Heroes of the Storm or similar demanding game you will most probably have no problem enjoying Overwatch either. For a high quality max textures performance you will need a bit better than that, but that is all normal.


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We really love the game and we think that it has approach to the first person shooters that should have been used long ago. Diversity is what all gamers want and this is what Ovw provides. We will keep you informed about how the Overwatch boosting will work once we gather more intel about the game. For now we will try to update you guys on what is new and exciting about the game in general.

The game has an increadible starting weeks since the first day of the closed beta. It was number 1 on Twitch.tv with over 200k viewers within a few hours of live streaming. We expect this game to be massive hit all over the world and because of it we want to be the Ovw boosting service that will be on the best level.

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