Overwatch Xbox One & PS 4 boosting at Myboosting.com

Overwatch Xbox One & PS 4 boosting at Myboosting.com


Overwatch Xbox One & PS 4 boosting at Myboosting.com

September 09 , 2016


Xbox and PS 4 users can now purchase their Overwatch boosting service up to the highest spots in the Competitive Ow ladder with Myboosting.com.

We are already established brand on the market. Till now our main priority was PC Ow gamers and their wishes but we've heard your interest in finding the right place for your Console Overwatch boost and we are now delivering. We have selected some of the world's best console players to execute your orders. As always everything that we offer has a 100% guaranteed quality, speed and safety. We do not only deliver, we exceed all expectations!

In the last month we've had over 15 Xbox and PS4 Overwatch boost orders and have completed them with great success. Each of our customers has been satisfied. Our console players have the ability to boost over 800 Skill rating per day on a single account (400-500 SR on the higher places of the ladder). It's been a pleasure working with them and we are confident that this new initiative will be as good as all of our other services.

To purchase your Xbox One or PS 4 Overwatch your order form on our website should look like this:

Overwatch boosting for console

Don't forget to mark the Xbox/PS4 option. Put in your Xbox/PS4 email and password and if you have an authenticator protection we'll have to be in touch with you when your boost is being started. You will receive an Email or Phone SMS with a code that is required in order to start your order. ;)

As most of you know the Leaderboards for PC and Consoles in Overwatch are quite different. You can see close to 10-15% difference between the players skill rating for PC and Xbox & Play station. That's why we charge a little extra for the console boosting. For example in late Season 1 PC players got in Top 500 at 79-80 SR mark, while at Xbox that was at 68-71 SR mark.

Xbox one Play station 4 Overwatch boost


Myboosting is known for the diversity of services that we provide. Each of the PC options will be available for consoles too!

You can select the one that you like best:

If that doesn't satisfy your needs we have a 24/7 live support that will be happy to discuss any type of demand that you have. As long as it is reasonable and skill related we can perform it!

Hope the news is to the liking of all Ow console players out there. We are very excited about this new feature and are expecting you guys!

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