Ow Season 6 - rewards, top 500 specifics, placement games changes

Ow Season 6 - rewards, top 500 specifics, placement games changes


Ow Season 6 - rewards, top 500 specifics, placement games changes

September 01 , 2017


We have started the 6th circle of the game. As most of you might know this season will be shorter than the previous ones. Blizzard officially announced that they have reduced the duration from 3 to 2 months. With that being said a few other changes are in force. You can get to know a bit more about that here.

The new season theme is dedicated to Temple of Anubis. If you are a competitive player you are most likely interested in what type of rewards you'll get based on your performance during the season.

Here is the list:
Seasonal Spray
Player Icon
Competitive points based on your Highest achieved rank


Bronze 100 CP

Silver 200 CP

Gold 400 CP

Platinum 800 CP

Diamond 1200 CP

Master 2000 CP

Grandmaster 3000 CP


If you manage to make your way through the competition and get to the highest tier in the game you will be entitled to receive additional rewards. Note that in order to get the rewards you need to end the current season within the top 500. The rewards include special animated Spray again dedicated to the thematic map Temple of Anubis and a animated seasonal icon showing you ended in top500.

This is a task that few people can achieve. The competition is getting harder each season as multiple players also put their smirf accounts in top500, so the leaderboard is basically occupied by the 200 - 300 best players in the region.

Our service can guarantee you a spot among the elite. We offer a limited amount of top500 spots for each platform - PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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This season the Skill rating marker for Top500 will be higher based on what Blizzard announced. First the rank system is adjusted and Skill rating gain is optimized and also the placement matches have quite higher impact.


After finishing a few placement orders we are monitoring a significant change in the rank you get placed compared to previous seasons. You can easily get an extra 300 - 700 Skill rating on top of your s5 end rating. The games are much more impactful, but this goes both ways. If you do not perform on level and lose most of your placements you can drop significantly lower than you were. The grind back might be painful since the season duration is also limiting your time to achieve your deserved rank.

We have a proven record of quality and efficiency. Most of our clients are currently getting placed significantly higher than in season 5. Now is the best time to purchase your placement games boost as it's value is greatly increased.

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