The perfect Heroes of the storm player

The perfect Heroes of the storm player

Heroes of The Storm

The perfect Heroes of the storm player

October 16 , 2015

What qualities does the perfect Hots player posses

If you are reading this article you are most probably a dedicated gamer. Whether it is your hobby or your way of making money gaming provides a unique experience for all of use - the ones that love playing. To be a pro or even the best in a specific game though requires more than just dedication though. A number of qualities make the player good and the lack of certain skills make him bad in the game. As a Hots boosting website we have witnessed a few great players, but never the perfect one. We are seeing people come and go, whether they are our boosters or our clients most of the cases they simply lack a few things (or one crutial) in order to achieve greatness. We watch numerous gaming events and tournaments on live streams or on replays and we enjoy them. Most of the times we are doing that not only to have fun, but to experience and learn new things related to that specific game. It can be a new tactic, a new meta approach, finding out what champion is overpowered or what kind of reflexes the pros have. In general while watching streams is more fun than anything else it gives us a hint of how to improve our own ingame skills. Not only that - they also teach us how most of the professional players have reached that point of skill and what their attitude is.

What are the common qualities of the Hots pro players

Watch them! You will see that on first place they are all really calm people. Rarely will you see someone getting on tilt over a misplay or a bad teamfight. Although they are in a really stressful situation they never lose their chill. Staying focused on the task and fighting till the end is the number 1 common quality among all that can say they play on a pro level. While Heroes of the storm is a game with a lot of unique features, this quality spreads throughout all the games that require skill and focus.

Second big thing is their ability to work as a team. Everyone has his good and bad moments. Sometimes a single man can win a game with an awesome play but in the next series he can lose by a terrible misplay. In these cases you will never see the teammates to flame or make him feel bad for that misplay. Quite the opposite in fact. They will try to make him feel better and encourage him that things like that happen to everyone. In the event where someone played good they will do the same so that he can feel confident for the upcoming events and perform at the same level. While i am talking for a team atm, this quality is also very valuable in solo games also. Being able to cheer your team and unite them is always a thing that will benefit your game. Try staying possitive and never flame (well unless someone is a pure troll - then you have the GO sign, but dont overdo it xD ).

Third quality is to play as one. If a fight is about to break loose or if you need to back off from an area quickly you need to be the one that knows what your team is thinking. A really really important rule is to never decide any action just so that you can benefit from it! Always look at the bigger picture - if its good for the team its good for you! So if someone wants to fight and starts a fight but you are confident that its a bad call, blink for retreat or say something in the chat in advance like "we are not ready to win teamfight yet" or "wait for our powerspike on lvl 10" - whatever the situation requires. Heroes of the storm boosting is a thing of beauty, because all the people that are doing it actually have to perform on a high level, but at the same time to make their team work as one. That is why, personally I, like to play engagers. If there is a clear tool of engaging and you use it properly there is no debating what your teammates should do - they will follow automaticly, like little soldiers that you are calling for that big fight. Making a clear decision for your team and leading them to work as a unit is a thing that will increase your hots winrate dramatically.

Intellegence is something that i would say that not all but almost all of the pro players posses. So that is something that is not really easy to learn, because it starts from your birth and is not easy to modify on later ages... thats another topic.

Dedication and endurance - you will see all the same people at the top of the leaderboards or at the big events. Why is that? Because they never quit. They stay sharp and in shape so that they can perform to the best of their ability. That is something that if lacked, is a sign for failure. Time, nerves and a lot of troll games are required to get to a pro level. We all experience it, but you have to embrace it from the start and be prepared for it. If you expect all chill and happy games you are probably better off playing something like Tetris. Heroes of the storm is a game that brings joy, but has this moments of horror that cant simply be avoided.

Good reflexes and fast reactions - that is a must for a pro, no need to comment it in details.

With these few and very important qualities you can begin your way towards a successful Heroes of the storm career either in Hots boosting or why not in some official big tournaments!

We as Heroes of the Storm boosting service hope that some of these qualities are in your inventar :P And we hope that reading this article was pleasant. If you did like it please share it on your social network profies with the links on the top of the article.

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