Professional Artifact coaching. Get better in the game with a single session from our coaches

Professional Artifact coaching. Get better in the game with a single session from our coaches


Professional Artifact coaching. Get better in the game with a single session from our coaches

March 26 , 2018


When we talk about card games it is clear that knowing how to act is the only key to success. Knowledge in this genre is everything. The best way to get better at the game is to learn, adapt and evolve constantly. The Meta and the different top tier decks are a must know for a player that wants to Get high ranks in Artifact. The process of understanding how the game works might be time consuming and challenging. To make things easier is introducing its Professional Artifact coaching service to the public. The main purpose of a coaching session is to increase your knowledge of the game so that you can eventually start performing better. The main aspects of what we will be providing are:

- In-depth Artifact Meta state analysis

- Deck building

- Counters

- Estimating the RNG factor throughout the match

- Best ways to act in specific situations

- Spotting your weaknesses and working on improving

- Analyzing your strengths and amplifying them

Just a few hours with our professional players can save you a massive amount of time of playing. We will serve you all the information you need to improve in much quicker fashion than if you would need to obtain it yourself. Of course we will make each session different so that it best suits your needs. Each player has different approach to the game and can accelerate his performance in ways that others can not. In that regard the first half an hour of the session will be targeted at understanding what the student needs in order to get better. Moving forward we will create the perfect lesson for you to learn. Of course if you already know what you want to get better at we will straight up target your desired aspects of the game.



Artifact is a Player vs Player game and in order to end up with the Victory sign you most certainly need to know how to play the game. Sometimes the RNG factor steps in and a less skilled player can overpower a better one. However in the long run the players that have the most knowledge and are better prepared will prevail and climb the official leaderboard.

The four key components that you need to master are: Card and Deck specifics, Counters, Calculating your odds with each turn, Staying focused.

If you get to a point where you know and can do all of the above you will start performing on a very high level. Learning all aspects of the game is without a doubt time consuming and it will be necessary again and again with each new patch and meta change.

If you starting to play Artifact after testing other card based games you will certainly have an edge over your opponents. The very basic understanding of these genre will take you around a week or two. After that you start stacking additional skills that you learn throughout the progress. If you want to know more about the game visit our Artifact general information article to understand better what the game will be like upon release.


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