Professional Heroes of the storm Coaching by

Professional Heroes of the storm Coaching by

Heroes of The Storm

Professional Heroes of the storm Coaching by

October 23 , 2015


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Heroes of the Storm is extremely complexed game. Its depth and versatiliy make it one of the hardest games to master on professional level. That is why our Hots coaching can be so useful for many.

Learning the game is a part of the path that each player has to go through. Some of you might have the capacity to make it to the top on their own. That is a quality that is possessed by few. In the most common case you will need to see/hear/experience things in the game to actually understand it. It is no secret that even the number 1 players at some point have studied different aspects of the game by others. You can be a master of a specific aspect of the game, but lack the knowledge in others.

Heroes of the storm coaching is created and dedicated to fill in the gaps in each players skill. The diversity of what can be learned in a single session is huge and needs to be adjusted for each new student's. That is why we have specificly instructed our pro hots coaches to start each session with a little research on the client and find out what they need to learn first and from there on build their complete set of qualities.


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Making an average player become good is a challenging task for everyone. hots coaches have developed a system that minimizes the chance of someone not improving from their advises.

Each session starts with:

1. A 1-5 minutes of general talk, with which we research what the player himself thinks about his game. His strong and weakpoints, his capability to explore new styles of play and making an initial plan for the session depending on the amount of hours that you have purchased for your hots coaching session.

2. Once we know exactly where to put our focus on the real part begins.

Depending on what we have determined at the start the coaching session can go in a few different directions:

- Learn general knowledge for the Heroes of the Storm. That includes aspects like - maps, champions, abilities, basic strategies, the way to play a specific role and other.

- Concentrating on a specific aspect. Can be pretty much anything that you consider yourself weak at. Map control, objective planning, experiense soaking, positioning, decision making etc.

- Focusing on learning in-depth strategies on different maps, efficient skill combos, meta picks, team compositions, what and when to pick, how to counter-pick and coutner-play.

To get the improvement visible we found out that different Hots players need different approach. So there are options how to get it done.

- Talking and analyzing things can prove most impactful for some. Students like that have the capability to pick up as much information as possible and then apply it to their own gamestyle.

- Watching replays is our second way to go. Looking through replays of games either played by the student or in a professional match is something that makes words get an actual shape. Analyzing plays, outplays and mistakes on the map is a simple and efficiant way to spot weakpoints and fix them without much problems.

- Playing a few DuoQ games can always prove useful. That way our Hots coach can watch how you think throughout the game. Where your knowledge and movement has flauts. This approach is a bit more time-consuming, but extremely efficient at the end. If you are a player that doesn't really know where he is making his mistakes and how to play better - this is probably the best way to go, so that we can estimate exactly what to do after.

- Making a custom game in which you excercise different situations such as efficient trading, map movement, how to avoid ganks and hard situations and more.

We are extremely flexible when it comes to Hots coaching and we are adjusting these basic guidelines for each individual coaching session. We have some of the top rated players both in EU and NA region that really know what to do in the game. They are ready to give you their knowledge and increase your winrate.


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With just a few hours of guidance by our coaches you will see immediate improvement in your game and overall knowledge of Heroes of the storm. Your rank boost might come with aslight delay, which is normal, but you will eventually get it. Having the tools to outplay your opponents is the Number 1 thing in Hots. Adjusting your gameplay to the new things that you have learned will take you a little time. You might improve in some aspects momentarily, for some you might need to give it some efforts. We will give you the know-how to be better player - the rest is up to you. How good you will understand each new thing and how well you will implement it into your own game is something that is different for each student. We guarantee professional approach and quality for each purchased Hots coaching session.

If you have any additional questions about the service we provide you can contact us via the live chatbox/ email or skype and we will give you the required information.

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